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Gold Championship 40 - Match Reports/Transfers

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Re: Gold Championship 40 - Match Reports/Transfers Everton So Far Transfer Front Only two completed signings have happened from so far, and they were in the positions Toggs thought they were lac

Re: Gold Championship 40 - Match Reports/Transfers Gold Championship 40 MATCH PREVIEW Round 1 SANTOS : GREMIO MATCH DETAILS Saturday 1st Nov Division 1 - 20:00 GT Vila Belmiro MATC

Re: Gold Championship 40 - Match Reports/Transfers

Napoli Have Signed These 3 Players So Far :




these 3 people will boost our sides attacking options

Napoli's Main Targets Now Are - Cazorla.Santi' date=' Marcos.Senna, Luis.Anderson[/quote']

It seems Liverpool's call was too tempting for Santi Cazorla as he completed a move to the Merseyside club.

Lost Arbeloa and now need a right back. Prepared to sell Kuyt, Carragher, Xabi Alonso... Two for one players.

PM Me for deals.

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Re: Gold Championship 40 - Match Reports/Transfers

Im asking for reasonable prices for me players not crazy swap deals' date=' just fair two for ones, standard GC and i still aint sold any one :mad::P[/quote']

I seriously would have done some deals with ya buddy but I don't think I have the right players... Besides I've already lost enough depth. But I am seriously interested in Evra, Brown, Anderson and Tevez :P

But every offer that comes along, managers want Gerrard & frigging Torres :(

Anyway, I'll come back to you when I have a decent offer to make. But at the moment everyone except Gerrard, Masch and Torres are available.

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Re: Gold Championship 40 - Match Reports/Transfers

Ive only encountered a couple of clubs that are not demanding 2 players for their 1.

Seems that targeting free agents or unmanaged clubs is the only way to get realisitc deals :rolleyes:

To be fair, managers want two for one players for extra depth and more skilled players. What's the point of me giving a 93 rated player for a 92 one plus a bit of cash> Doesn't make sense really as many people know that cash doesn't really help :rolleyes:

So for all those demanding two players, they want depth not an extra 15m and a player who is one rating less.

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Re: Gold Championship 40 - Match Reports/Transfers

Oh completely agree, it does boil down to having the right players to offer and players that the other club are interested in. Richard you know as well as i do, in GC's it tend to be 2 for 1, and there isnt anything wrong with that in truth.

And Nas Athletico, ( whats your name btw :D ) i look forward to doing deals with you, and playing against you.

On a better note, Mario Manzukic will be joining for 15 million pounds ! something im happy with as i need a back up striker :D

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Re: Gold Championship 40 - Match Reports/Transfers


New Hope for Gimnastic!

Yesterday afternoon, Gimnastic were manager-less, and with the quality of the other clubs in their division, looked to be in for a rough season against some top class managers. Their ambitions were anything but a last-placed finish, as they didn't think they had a strong enough squad, and they didn't have a manager!

But all that changed when Kuldeep Samra agreed to take control of the club, to test his skills against some of the best managers in the business. The club were suddenly expecting at least a top half finish, and maybe even a play-off place!

Immediately Samra started his chopping and changing, placing the WHOLE squad on the Transfer List, while making over 30 bids!

Eleven of those bids were successful, with another three being accepted and due to be completed soon. In came players that Samra thought could improve a lot, and would be beneficial to the club, as they had low wages:

Adalberto Roman - 700K

David Mendoza - 250K + P/E

Milton Benitez - 225K

Peter Orry Larsen - 125K

Frode Bjornevik - 20K

Imad Zattarah - 10K

Alagie Sosseh - 40K

Evan Berger - 20K

Luke De Vere - 20K

Rinaldo Kassio - 50K

Santos Willians Santana - 1m


Samra's Two Brazilian Starlets will look to propel Gimnastic to at least the Top 10


Samra has had bids accepted for Tarta and Rodriguez, as well as Triguinho, and hopes many more players will join the revolution!

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Re: Gold Championship 40 - Match Reports/Transfers


11 for 11 at Racing!

There is great news coming our of Racing Ferrol tis afternoon, they have enough players for a match now!! They may have no money left, but new manager snowy has managed to bring in 11 players from 11 million pounds before the start of the season. He thanks everyone that has helped him. The players that have been brought in are:

Kasey Keller

Andy Dawson

Jardim Goncalo Brandao

Patrik Berger

Vladimir Smicer

Marko Maric

Jari Litmanen

Nabil El Zhar (loan)

Andy Van Der Meyde (loan)

Collados Vicente Pascual

Mahir Saglik

This is how the starting 11 looks at the moment:


Unfortunately Snowy will be on holiday for the first few games, but hopes that when he gets back he will find that his team has at least 1 point!

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Re: Gold Championship 40 - Match Reports/Transfers

Very interesting developments in the Segunda. Quick preview of how the teams are doing in the transfer market :

Alaves : Unmanaged

In : none

Out : Igor Martinez

Projected 11 :

83 - Bernardo Dominguez

83 - Edu Albacar

81 - Calderon

83 - Pablo Casar

83 - Cesar Caneda

82 - Cabrera

84 - Garitano

81 - Antonio Moreno

83 - Toni Moral

82 - Javi Guerra

82 - Raul Sanchez

Albacete : Liam Smith

In : Marchant, Benko

Out : None

Projected 11 :

80 - Jonathan Lopez

82 - Tarantino

80 - Alegre

82 - Trotta

80 - Mainz

85 - Marchant

82 - Xavi Jimenez

82 - Iker Begona

80 - Karacan

81 - Benko

83 - Diego Costa

Celta Vigo - James Wood

In : Villarreal

Out : Fajardo, Noguerol

Projected 11 :

85 - Antonio Notario

84 - Edu Moya

86 - Fabiano

84 - Ruben Gonzalez

85 - Rosada

87 - Villarreal

86 - Borja Oubina

86 - Danilo Sacramento

86 - Ghilas

84 - Dinei

85 - Verpakoskis

Cadiz - Nick Justice

In - None

Out - None

Projected 11 :

- no keepers (nick, you can loan Sommer off me if you want)

80 - Cristian Garcia

80 - Raul Lopez

80 - David Garcia

80 - De la Cuesta

82 - Gustavo Lopez

81 - Fleurquin

80 - Bezares

79 - Enrique Ortiz

79 - Javi Acuna

80 - Toedtli

Cordoba - Unmanaged

In : None

Out : None

Projected 11 :

80 - Navas

81 - Ceballos

80 - Mario Gomez

82 - Pablo Ruiz

83 - Gaspar Galvez

83 - Cristian Alvarez

81 - José Vega

84 - Ito

84 - Carpintero

84 - Yordi

82 - Gaston Casas

Eibar - Gazza

In : Calderon, Berardi, Bruno Aguiar, Skoba, Zeniov, Sirigu

Out : None

Starting 11 :

78 - Goikuria

82 - Raul Garcia

80 - Romero

82 - Urzelai

84 - Hummels (Loan)

80 - Txiki

80 - Codina

81 - Carmelo

83 - Tiko Martinez

80 - Yague

85 - Obinna (Loan)

Elche - Unmanaged

In : none

Out : none

Starting 11 :

83 - Caballero

81 - Oscar Rubio

82 - Samuel Llorca

82 - Raul Fuster

82 - Amaya

81 - Santos

81 - Saul

82 - Cobo

80 - Rodri Gil

83 - Dani Martin

84 - Ivan Bolados

Gimnastic de Tarragona - Asianinvasion

In : Mendoza, Willians Santana, Roman (...)

Out : Alba, Yedra, Cherfa

Starting 11 :

82 - Ruben Perez

82 - Mingo

84 - Izquierdo

83 - Dani Tortolero

82 - Mairata

82 - Arpon

83 - Gibanel

84 - Jandro

85 - Redondo

81 - N'Gal

84 - Victor Casadesus

Levante : Stanic

In : Koke, Kawaguchi

Out : Manuel Reina, Samuel Banos

Starting 11 :

87 - Kawaguchi

81 - Angel Sanchez

82 - Molinero

82 - Yago

86 - Ballesteros

81 - Pedro Vega

80 - Adrian Martin

83 - Parri

85 - Gallardo

87 - Koke

85 - Alex Geijo

Racing Ferrol : snowy4liverpool

In : Smicer, Berger, Dawson, Maric, Saglik, Keller, Litmanen

Out : None

Starting 11 :

86 - Keller

85 - Dawson

76 - Pedro Corriea

80 - Jonathan Carabias

79 - Manuel Castireias

82 - Maric

80 - Van Der Meyde (Loan)

82 - El Zhar (Loan)

85 - Berger

85 - Smicer

82 - Litmanen

Real Murcia - Williams Prosikito

In : None

Out : None

Starting 11 :

84 - Carini

85 - Pena

83 - David de Coz

85 - Alvaro Meija

84 - Ochoa

84 - Capdevila

85 - Antonio Nunez

84 - Kabous

86 - Marcinho Guerreiro

85 - Ivan Alonso

86 - Sikora

Real Sociedad - shake mahaun

In : none

Out : none

Starting 11 :

84 - Bravo

84 - Castillo

85 - Gerardo

84 - Mikel Gonzalez

84 - Labaka

86 - Marquitos

85 - Xabi Prieto

85 - Aranburu

86 - Moha

86 - Ates

85 - Diaz de Cerio

Salamanca - Ross Philp

In : Assou-Ekotto

Out : none

Starting 11 :

80 - Pagola

85 - Assou-Ekotto

83 - Raul Ganan

83 - Pelegrin

83 - Catala

82 - Miku

85 - Quique Martin

82 - Jorge Alonso

82 - Alvaro Jurado

81 - Paulo Sergio

82 - Mikel Danobeita

Tenerife : Unmanaged

In : none

Out : none

Starting 11 :

82 - Luis Garcia

84 - Clavero

83 - Bertran

83 - Pablo Sicilia

85 - Juanma Delgado

84 - Ayoze

83 - Oscar Perez

84 - Alejandro Alfaro

85 - Daniel Kome

84 - Richi

85 - Nino Martinez

Xerez - xxarsenalxx

In : Uchida, Blicher, Asprilla, Fantis (...)

Out : Redondo, Antonito Ramiro, Bermejo

Starting 11 :

81 - Chema Jimenez

82 - Mendoza

86 - Uchida

82 - Alvaro Silva

82 - Aythami Artiles

82 - Momo

82 - Pedro Rios

84 - Jose Viquiera

82 - Moreno

81 - De la Calle

80 - Michel Carrilero

Zaragoza - Liam Bolton

In : none

Out : Vicente Pascual

Starting 11 :

86 - Lopez Vallejo

86 - Javier Paredes

89 - Diogo

87 - Ruben Pulido

90 - Ayala

88 - Jorge Lopez

86 - Caffa

90 - Zapater

87 - Gabi

87 - Arizmendi

90 - Ricardo Oliveira

Hercules - Me

In : Janko, Jorgensen, Sommer, Sohna, Borimirov (...)

Out : Noriega, Tote Lopez, Unai Alba, Tuni, Javi, Segio

Starting 11 :

84 - Catalayud

86 - Dani Bautista

84 - Unai Exposito

85 - Baur

84 - Palacios

84 - Abel Aguiar

84 - Farinos

85 - Borimirov

84 - Aguirre

84 - Delibasic

85 - Janko

Castellon : Andy Nile

In : None

Out : none

Starting 11 :

83 - Carlos Sanchez

84 - Baigorri

84 - Pedro Hernandez

84 - Dealbert

84 - Mora

82 - Diego Reyes

83 - Rafita Lozano

83 - Lopez Garai

83 - Mario Rosas

84 - Ulloa

84 - Tabares

Las Palmas : unmanaged

In :

Out : Marcos Marques

Starting 11 :

80 - Santamaria

82 - Dani Lopez

82 - Amaral

84 - Samuel Fernandez

82 - David Garcia

81 - Cobas

81 - Miguel Garcia

81 - Darino

85 - Jorge Larena

83 - Pablo Sanchez

80 - Rondon

Sevilla Atletico : Nathan Kirby

In : Spence, Rigoni, Cotoni, Vignaroli

Out : None

Starting 11 :

77 - Pablo Vargas

76 - de la Bella

81 - Oscar Ramirez

83 - Mancienne (Loan)

82 - Gallardo

82 - Perotti

83 - Vignaroli

80 - Cabral

84 - Miguel de las Cuevas (Loan)

80 - Pouga

77 - Coto

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Re: Gold Championship 40 - Match Reports/Transfers

Well, I seriously needed a good right back and have no choice but to sell Kuyt for Iraola (RB 90) and Llorente (CF 88) which is a decent deal as Lorrenta will cover for Kuyt and Iraola fills in the empty RB slot.

Hopefully this deal will go through, and if it does. I'm not gonna be buying any more players for 2 for one deals as I am losing my depth.

Xabi Alonso and Carragher are still available. A good replacement and another 90 rated player elsewhere. No pensioners.

Please do not think I am a noob just because my GM has a mere reputation of 41. My main account has a rep of 181 and this GM was given as a gift from a forumer. :D - Had to say it ue to the messages/offers I have been receiving :(

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Guest King Kolo

Re: Gold Championship 40 - Match Reports/Transfers

Besiktas RB Ali Tandogan (87) Can go for the Highest Cash Offer by 10PM Tonight!

5Mil Starting Price as Valladolid have Already Bidded!

Get Bidding!

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Re: Gold Championship 40 - Match Reports/Transfers

Albacete transfer news:

Albacete have signed 2 new players on loan to add some depth to their small squad. Centre back Gaetano Cala from Udinese and Central midfielder Jem Karacan from Reading. Still on the search for another forward 80-85 rated if anyone can help :D

I can loan you a Japanese striker rated 81?

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Re: Gold Championship 40 - Match Reports/Transfers

Hopefully Benzema will arrive tomorrow in a deal which sees Babel and Skrtel leave. He will partner Fernando Torres.

Just hope the chairman does not intervene.

IF it does go through then I will need a center back. Can't afford to give much but am prepared to sell Caragher for two 90 rated Center backs. Or Mascherano will be available.

Message Me

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Re: Gold Championship 40 - Match Reports/Transfers



Arsenal kicked off their season preperations with their traditional pre-season warm-up at Underhill against Barnet.

The English fifth tier side proved a good workout for the Arsenal superstars, keeping them at by until the 58th minute, when an Adebayor drive broke the deadlock. The floodgates then threatened to open as Rosicky and van Persie added to the tally within 7 minutes of the opener, but Barnet rallied to keep the final score of 3-0 respectable against a full-strength Arsenal side.

Off the field, Manager Stuart Cowell has added to his squad with the acquisition of David Wheater from Middlesborough. He sees the young utility Centre-back, who can also play as a right Full-back as one for the future, with the potential to one day push for international honours. Going the other way were the out of favour pair of Silvestre and Djourou, who were surplus to requirements, but will surely add depth to the Middlesborough squad.

Cowell states that there are still deals to be done at The Emirates; with Gael Clichy, Bakary Sagna and Emmanuel Eboue still free to leave the club for the right deals. Cowell is remaining calm despite being unable to add depth to his squad so far stating; "I think that everyone is in the same boat depth-wise going into the new season, with managers reluctant to let players go in 2 for 1 deals, because of fixture congestion early in the season. Either something has to give or the SMFA need to consider this because otherwise players are going to be heavily fatigued every season within the first month. I think as managers have become more experienced they have become more aware of the problem, and so now we have a situation where no-body is prepared to give any ground. Of course, I understand their situation, I am of course a Manager myself!"

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Re: Gold Championship 40 - Match Reports/Transfers


Everton So Far

Transfer Front

Only two completed signings have happened from so far, and they were in the positions Toggs thought they were lacking. A central midfielder and a Striker. The first of th two to arrive at Goddison, was 28 year old paraguayian Striker Salvador Cabanas. He arrived in a deal that saw young Belgian Mourane Felliani move in the opposite direction. Everton released a statement shortly after saying they were sad to lose Maourane but signing Cabanas was sa statement of where the Blue side of Liverpool wanted to be in the Premiership this season.


Cabanas joines from Mexican side, America.

Also joined was Argentinian central midfielder Lucas Biglia. The 22 year old is set to be central too Toggs'es plans for the club, but he was far from cheap. A record 17.8M was spent on securing his signature. James Vaughan & Lukas Juvetkitsz also left Everton in the deal.

The youngster Biglia is extremely happy with the move as he says it's been his dream since he first kicked a ball to play in the premiership. He also told reporters he wants to help Everton become a top4 side.


Biglia wants to help Everton be a top4 side.

Also, as they would be with a new man in charge, plenty of rumores have fown around Everton, but Toggs confirmed theyre could be a fantastic deal in place for the Everton faithful.

There has been what Toggs described as REAL RUMORS that Lyon duo Chaves Fred & Sidney Govou will be joining the Everton side. Toggs confirmed this and was also hopeful that the deal would be done before Wednesdays match with MR.MONKEY's Portsmouth.

Toggs stated, 'Both of the players we are after have outstanding, natural footballing ability and plenty of experience to help guide the club in the right direction. Fred has a keen eye for goal in any clubs shirt & Govou has proven with Lyon & France that he by far a word-class player.

When asked who would leave in the deals, Toggs refused to comment.


Both Fred & Govou set to join.

Compertitions Front.

EPL Premier League

English Cup > 1st Round Vs Ipswich

English Shield > 1st Round Vs Oldham

SMFA Shield > 1st Round Vs Almeria

EPL Premier League - With almost half of the EPL in this setup managed by active forumers, it promises to be an extremely hyped up Premier League season. Toggs pointed out certian rivalrys, including of course Liverpool. Along with Adamski's Manchester United, BenReado's Chelsea and his brothers Blackburn. Toggs said this year anything inside the top8 is good enough for him and should be for the for the fans as he wants time to build a team capable of being in the top4.

English Cup/Shield - With generally easy ties in the 1st rounds of both compertitions, Toggs has promised to give reserve and sub players the chance to impress in these matches. Toggs doesnt mind where he goes out in these compertitions.

SMFA Shield - The SMFA Shield Toggs undoubtably thinks will be the focus of this season. He thinks his side can achieve a top8 finish easily and he doesnt care about the English Cup/Shield so much. Toggs says its important in the first season to show intent on where you want to be in Europe and give your club a profile across the world. Toggs hopes he can guide his sdide to at least the last 16.

Team Front

Club Captain - Joleon Lescott: THe 26 yesar old Centre Back Toggs thought was his only choice to be captain this season. With his great leadership ability and his big status around the club, Toggs commented on thre fact that the players look up to him and want to play to his ability.

Club Vice Captain - Tim Cahill The Australlian has alot of experience in the premiership and handles situations very well. Toggs says he also had the ability to be captain but lacks in controlling the team.


Club Captain Lescott & Vice Captain, Cahill

Toggses first match at Everton is away from home to WBA. Toggs epects a testing match but doesnt see why they cannot take the three points. Cabanas is expected to be a sub on with reportably Anchiebe & Saha leading the front-line. Arteta & Yakubu are set to both miss out after theyre talks rattle on about a move away from the club.

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