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Match Reporter of the Year - Discussion


Match Reporter of the Year - Discussion  

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Re: Match Reporter of the Year - Discussion

This'll be pretty interesting....

Not being a well known forumer I doubt I'll even be included in the list but I am pretty proud of mine tbh.

Take a look if you like' date=' WillC. ;) [/font']

:eek: Not a well known forumer, of course you are :confused:

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Re: Match Reporter of the Year - Discussion

Jinky to win :)

Check out the Scottish setup 1 thread.... the first two reports alone are worthy to win it imo! :P:D

IMO also I just check them out the second one is amazing how come it let you do all them pictures? It is actually top quality especially how you've done the team of the week and drawn it all up! Top stuff there.

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Re: Match Reporter of the Year - Discussion

Everyone That Know Me Should Know That I Am One Of The Best Match Reporter On SM Forum For All Mine Work I Can Do For Them.

Well There Is A Bad Thing I Ain't Be On Here Long For This Years Comp So I Wasn't On SM Forum - Posting Way For About 3 Months.

Also You Need Some Kind Of A Ref For This Thing To Work. (I'm Always Will Be Happy To Help With Anything For The MROTY.)

I remember your match reports from the last two years. but you were never in the top 30 :o

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Re: Match Reporter of the Year - Discussion

Righto lads, I dont think I have the right to select the 24 entrants so Im handing this over to you.

Nominate someone or yourself and give a valid reason in this thread or through PM and I will consider it.

The current list that I have: (17)








Rishabh Desai

Col lufc #




Nick Justice



Allan MUFC

Danny Williams

(if you do not wish to be involved, I can remove you if you want :) )

list Incomplete debatable?

I have to study for exams so I havent been able to scavenge old threads so I will need a big help in getting the 7 remaining contestants :o

I am very tired atm, and Im very sorry if Ive missed out an obvious candidate.

The official, better designed, rules and info thread will be created once we get a list of 24.

This is a competition to find the best match reporter of 2008

For future notice, base your votes on these criteria


Variety. (i.e. Match reports, Transfers, Previews)



More will be released later this week,

PM me or post here for any queries/ suggestions.

Good Luck and start nominating :) , i know Ive missed out some obvious forumers:o so asking for forgiveness in advance ;)

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Re: Match Reporter of the Year - Discussion

I think this sounds good' date=' but leave it til next year IMO. Bit too soon this year, there's only two months left of the year, and I don't think that's long enough to get this all organised in a way that will make it anywhere near as good as FOTY.[/quote']

I agree mate, Leave it till next year, its a good Idea but with FOTY, COTY, SOTY, FOTM and COTM going on, there are alot of competitions going on atm, and yeah, theres only 2 months left,

good Idea but save it till next year ;)

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