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how to counter a 4-4-2 diamond


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what formation and tatics should i use the other team uses these

Tackling Style: Normal

Mentality: Normal

Passing Style: Mixed

Attacking Style: Mixed

Tempo: Normal

Pressing: Own Half

Counter-Attack: No

Men Behind Ball: No

Tight Marking: No

Play Offside: No

Use Play Maker: No

Use Target Man: No

there players are 80% to 90%fit and mine are all 100%fit so should i attack more

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Re: how to counter a 4-4-2 diamond

Yep agree with the attacking part and also possibly a fast style of play to test out their fitnesses. My personal preferece against a 4-4-2 diamond is a 3-5-2. With the extra midfielders, you tend tgo dominate posssession and as having the ball is so importnat in football, the end result is usually good results for yourteam. Having the back man in midfield covers the opposition's AM. Good luck with whatever you decide to go with :)

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