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Mauro ZARATE or Lautaro ACOSTA?

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Re: Mauro ZARATE or Lautaro ACOSTA?

both are good young talents,, however Acosta isnt really getting much game time since his move to Sevilla, and will be fairly hard to break into their first team with the players there.

Zarate on the other hand is playing regular with Lazio (played from start in all 10 games so far ) and scoring goals ,,6 so far. ,, he will rise this week to at least 89 possibly 90 if SM are feeling generous,, but if not then he should rise to 90 before Acosta as he is playing every week.... so I would go for Zarate ,, but Acosta is a good but more long term

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Re: Mauro ZARATE or Lautaro ACOSTA?

Don't think so much & go for Zarate ...

He is not only starting 10 games out of 10 & neting 6 goals & having 3 or more assists ....

He is the star of the Team ( ahead of Goran Pandev even with Pandev's perfect form) doing every thing in football [he is a little bit selfish but that can be solved] I think that he can easily make it to 91 by the end of the season .......

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