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Some Cheap Australian Risers

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Evan Berger-21-LM-9 starts & 1 sub= 798mins, rat 64. +10 surely. +12 - 76

Scott Jamieson-20-LM-9 starts & 1 sub= 838mins, rat 75. + 3/4. +3 - 78

Bradley Porter-21-CM/DM-9 starts & 1 sub= 795mins, rat 73. +4.+4 - 77

Jobe Wheelhouse-23-CM/AM- 9 starts = 791mins, rat 74. + 3/4.+2 - 76

Luke De Vere-19-CB- 5 starts= 455mins, rat 65, + 6. +5 - 70

Shannon Cole-18-LB/LM- 9 starts & 1 sub= 785mins & 2gls, rat 68, + 8.+ 8 - 76


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Re: Some Cheap Australian Risers

ha ha ha ha I just posted & am editing as I go along. give a fella a chance!

But seems to be fairly typical on this forum that people go straight for the negative comment.

? He was just giving you another prospect he thought you had missed not critisising you! As you are new i suppose you dont understand but this go nows what he's talking about and was trying to help!

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Re: Some Cheap Australian Risers

So why not just add cole & his stats? instead of the above?

Also waiting til I was actually finished might be an idea.

err ... maybe finish it before posting :confused:

trying not to be negative but ' date=' since I'm an Aussie, I'm just letting you know that the A-League has already been predicted:


Another Australian Thread that failed:


and there are others that have been done before that i cant be stuffed mentioning.

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Re: Some Cheap Australian Risers

For anyone who's interested, ive just bought 21 year old forward (76 rated) Nikita RUKAVYTSYA for my Stevenage Team. He plays for Perth Glory. From what ive seen, he has figured in all matches this season so far having made 8 starts and 4 sub appearances. Scored 4 goals and has 1 assist. He also has 2 caps representing Australia at the Olympics this year.

Update - No rise today? I figure he should have risen, but can't see why he didn't. Any suggestions?

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Re: Some Cheap Australian Risers

Nikita Rukavytsya' date=' he is getting better and better. Just scored two goals. If he went to a good development club in Europe he would become such a good player. If his form continues, then I wouldn't be surprised if he goes to like 84 at the end of the season.[/quote']

ye he played great and is a real talent

get him in your squad now before his rating charges up

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