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Gold Championship 45 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread

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Re: Gold Championship 45 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread Fiorentina, season review Fiorentina have been amongst the trophies since the start of Welsh manager, Dai Winston's reign.

Re: Gold Championship 45 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread TV Stations go WILD!... Newspapers all over the globe go into a 'frenzy'... Just in: From Ashton Gate ...

Re: Gold Championship 45 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread 2-4 English Shield Round 3 Attendance - 27,322 Referee Olegario Benquerenca Aaron Bolams Liverpool took a step closer

Re: Gold Championship 45 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread

44_1201797906.gifVs 52_1195026324.gif

Liverpool win 3-0 against Newcastle which moves them up to 5th . Goals from

Defoe X2


Sealed the win for Liverpool. Liverpool were all over Newcastle and fully deserved the win said Manager Aaron Bolam. Who's next game will be in the 3rd round off the shield against West Brom

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Re: Gold Championship 45 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread

Jake Alexiuk appointed new manager at AS Monaco


Minutes ago Jake Alexiuk was appointed the new manager at AS Monaco

Players were ready to leave the club as they had already agreed terms with other clubs but there was a twist in the tale as Jake Alexiuk became the Monaco manager in which the Monaco players changed there minds.

Players can still leave the club if they want says Jake Alexiuk but every player is crucial for the next league game against Caen.

Jake had this to say - "I am very pleased with the appointment and I am looking forward to the future with the club" Jake also had this to say on Freddy Adu - "Freddy is a very young talented player and we are going to try and hold onto him even though he isnt very happy at the club at the moment, if a big club was to come forward and apply for him on loan and give him regular starts I would agree to let him go out on loan for the rest o the season"

Jake does not yet have any new on transfer going in/out of the club all he has to say is "I am looking ahead to the game with Caen on Wednesday and as far as I'm aware every player that is in my squad will be at the game"

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Re: Gold Championship 45 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread


84_1198386874.gif2-4 44_1201797906.gif

English Shield Round 3

Attendance - 27,322


flags_of_Portugal.gif Olegario Benquerenca

Aaron Bolams Liverpool took a step closer to playing there first game in the new Wembely. when they beat West Brom 4-2 at The Hawthorns.Aaron Bolam put out a weaker side to play west brom and it payed off. He said from the side line his side looked very strong from the start of the game to the end of the game and his side fullly diserved the win. The Goal scorers from the night were, Muntari, Sand , and Defoe with 2 put liverpool into the last 16 of the cup.Where in the next round they will be high fliers Sunderland at the stadium of light.

Upcoming Fixtures


This will be the first time the clubs meet in the league which should turn out to be a great match aaron is confident his team will come out winners as City are 17th in the league.Aaron bolam said about the game " City have there own problams at the moment and thats fighting to stay up the upcoming fixtures they have will be very important to there servival in the Premier League. I know my team can go out and win, were taking every match as it comes and taking every team the same as we would take any other team, are aim is to win every match that is ahead of us and not let are heads slip or there will be no Title coming to Anfield at the end of the season


Aaron bolams side will be at home to Ollimpiacos on Saturday and is looking foward to the game after his side went 4-0 to the side in the first leg wiched they played and Aaron has qouted about the game which will take place on saturday "Ollimpiacos are a very strong side and we can not judge them before the game we didnt play the sort of football to brake them down when we last played them and it showed when we came out loosing 4-0, on that night i made the wrong team choice as i played my cup squad who had not had anoth expirence at that level, on the night i will pick my team who i think can beat them . i wont just be puting out my normall team just of the reason we lost 4-0 to them. Some players have imprssed me in the cup team that are working there way up to push for a place in the normall team on the night we will be playing in frount off are own fans we will have the support behind us which will always lift are team. This is a very important game which we have to win

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Re: Gold Championship 45 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread


Monaco tonight won they're first game under Jake Alexiuk by beating Caen at home 1-0 in a very tough match. The Monaco goal was scored by Rozenhal on the 35thMinute. Overall Monaco were the better team and deserved all 3points from UnManaged Caen. Monaco currently sit 3rd in the league about giants Lyon on GD and are looking ahead to next game Vs Toulouse away.

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Re: Gold Championship 45 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread

44_1201797906.gif3-1 62_1218812976.jpg

Liverpool move up to 4th in the table with a win against Portsmouth. T.Henry x2 and Muntari bagged the win for liverpool. Aaron bolam gave the Portsmouth fans some good news as Aaron bolam said that there will be a new man at Portsmouth tommorow after speaking to Joe Jordan The Assistmant manager.But Aaron bolam told the liverpool fans that liverpool are going for all cups and Quoted atleast one will be at Anfield by the end of the season

Next game : Bolton Vs Liverpool

Tickets on sale for £15-£25 and the Game will be held on Sky Sports one

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Guest Football8

Re: Gold Championship 45 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread

Manchester United Updates


Manchester United 6-0 Everton


Manchester United thumped Everton today at Old Trafford, with a 6-0 victory. It was a one-sided game from the start.

Hitman Ruud Van Nistelrooy gave the red devils the lead, by lobbing the goalkeeper on 17 minutes. Eight minutes later he doubled the score, deflected in his second of the night.

Five minutes after the hour mark, Ryan Giggs thundered it into the net, to make it 3-0. Just 2 minutes later Paul Scholes scored his first of the night, from a rebound, after a save from the keeper. Over 10 minutes to go, Darren Fletcher bundles the ball over the line. It didn't stop there, as Paul Scholes got his second of the night, after he drilled a right-footed shot in.

Manchester United, dominated the game with 66% of the possession, which outlines their presene in the game. They had a whooping 38 shots. This sees them 3rd in the table, 5 points behind the top. Their next match is against Reading in the English Cup, they hope to qualify to the quarter-finals, stay tuned for their next result.


Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes among the goals for Manchester United tonight.

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Guest Football8

Re: Gold Championship 45 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread

Aza' date=' Munt, it's a matter of time before you guys pass me. Good Lord, I see the big 4 below me and all I can do is pray :D[/quote']

Your lucky your not in 4 comps. ;)

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Guest Football8

Re: Gold Championship 45 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread

Lucky? I played a bunch of 70's against Arsenal to not be in the Cup ;)

Pure skill got me eliminated from the cup! How can you blame that on luck!


Try stay in the position you are now and you should be in 4 next season. :P

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Re: Gold Championship 45 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread

Milan Update:


5th December: SMFA Shield Round 1 - 2nd leg: Milan 1-1 Hannover

Szabolcs Huszti (22)

Raul (63)

Milan win on away goals

6th December: Sampdoria 2-3 Milan

Hugo Droguett (8)

Matt Jansen (37)

Hugo Droguett (63)

Matt Jansen (74)

Kevin Kuranyi (84)

8th December: Italian Shield Round 1: Milan 2-1 Sassuolo

Danny Welbeck (20)

Danny Welbeck (51)

Massimiliano Fusani (52)

10th December: Milan 3-1 Fiorentina

Alberto Gilardino (12)

Tranquillo Barnetta (38)

Rafael Van Der Vaart (60)

Tranquillo Barnetta (75)

13th December: Chievo 1-1 Milan

Rafael Van Der Vaart (10)

Toni Kroos (27)

15th December: Italian Cup Round 2: Milan 1-2 Sampdoria

Antonio Cassano (35)

Claudio Bellucci (75)

Bastian Schweinsteiger (80)

17th December: Milan 1-1 Lecce

Fabio Caserta (3)

Bastian Schweinsteiger (85)

19th December: SMFA Shield Round 2 - 1st Leg: Milan 1-3 Sevilla

Arouna Kone (9)

Aldo Duscher (48)

Massimo Maccarone (61)

Raul (65)

20th December: Internazionale 1-4 Milan

Stefan Kiessling (10)

Hugo Droguett (26)

Hugo Droguett (38)

Kevin Kuranyi (59)

Marek Hamsik (72)

22nd December: Italian Shield Round 2: Juventus 0-4 Milan

Kevin Kuranyi (18)

Danny Welbeck (41)

Danny Welbeck (42)

Daniele Bonera (44)

24th December: Milan 5-0 Atalanta

Anderson (9)

Bastian Schweinsteiger (32)

Tranquillo Barnetta (46)

Wayne Rooney (59)

Raul (60)

26th December: SMFA Shield Round 2 - 2nd Leg: Sevilla 0-3 Milan

Fabian Ernst (17)

Raul (20)

Wayne Rooney (40)

Milan win 4-3 on aggregate

27th December: Lazio 2-1 Milan

Anderson (51)

Luis Robles (83)

Luis Robles (86)

31st December: Milan 4-1 Roma

Wayne Rooney (6)

Tranquillo Barnetta (25)

Raul (39)

Rafael Van Der Vaart (48)

Robert Pires (75)

3rd January: Milan 3-0 Reggina

Rafael Van Der Vaart (10)

Bastian Schweinsteiger (74)

Wayne Rooney (88)

5th January: Italian Shield Round 3: Roma 2-4 Milan

Raul (12)

Robert Pires (17)

Kevin Kuranyi (19)

Rafael Van Der Vaart (21)

Francesco Totti (54)

Kevin Kuranyi (66)

7th January: Udinese 3-4 Milan

Antonio Di Natale (13)

Hugo Droguett (20)

Wayne Rooney (31)

Antonio Di Natale (35)

Toifilou Maoulida (65)

Hugo Droguett (69)

Rafael Van Der Vaart (70)

9th January: SMFA Shield Round 3 - 1st Leg: Milan 1-0 Sampdoria

Simon Rolfes (57)

10th January: Milan 3-0 Catania

Hugo Droguett (56)

Rafael Van Der Vaart (58)

Fabian Ernst (80)

Full List of transfers so far:


Paulo Ferreira - £7 million

Marc Janko - £1 million + Dida + Emerson

Doni - Christian Abbiati + Kakha Kaladze

Anderson - £2.2 million + Mathieu Flamini + Andriy Shevchenko

Wayne Rooney - £17 million + Gianluca Zambrotta + Gennaro Gattuso

Libis Arenas - £450k

Stefan Kiessling - £6 million + Filippo Inzaghi + Luca Antonini

Hugo Droguett - £12 million

Fabian Ernst - £4.9 million + Tabare Viudez

Jessue Jonas - £1.7 million

Michel Acosta - £300k

Bastian Schweinsteiger - £5 million + Clarence Seedorf + Massimo Ambrosini

Olivier Echouafni - £1.9 million

Sabri Lamouchi - £750k

Mario Eggimann - £7.4 million

Junior Serginho Mineiro - £700k

Marcos Antonio Caceres - £5.8 million

Kevin Monnet-Paquet - £3.8 million

Omar Alieu Koroma - £475k

Mauricio Sperdutti - £500k

Benjamin Nivet - £6 million

John Hurtado - £2.4 million


Alessandro Nesta - Adriano Buss Henrique + Gonzalo Castro

Andrea Pirlo - £10 million + Simon Rolfes + Tranquillo Barnetta

Kaka - £1 million + Rafael Van Der Vaart + Raul

Zeljko Kalac - £5 million

Ronaldinho - £4.7 million + Ivan Rakitic + Kevin Kuranyi

Cafu - £1.5 million

Phillipe Senderos - £5.2 million + Danny Welbeck + Rafael

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Guest Abdel Zizi

Re: Gold Championship 45 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread


"Genoa struck terms for 19-year old wonderboy Marko Arnautovic."

Genoa manager Abdel Zizi is close to signing Austrian forward Marko Arnautovic from Twente.

Arnautovic is said to be a great talent with enormous technical skills, speed, and a nose for goals.

After a few days of negotiating Zizi saw a bid of £1.5M accepted for the 19-year old.

It remains to be seen if Arnautovic will go back to Twente on loan or if he already get's a shot at the Grifoni.

2lvxhs.jpg --> 2r2sw9g.gif

Will Arnautovic wear this jersey soon?

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Re: Gold Championship 45 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread


Match day 18

Bolton Wanderers Vs Liverpool

Location:Reebok Stadium

Referee:Massimo Busacca

Attendance - 28,242


7_1190894323.gif1-2 44_1201797906.gif

Kevin Davies (43)

Thiery Henry (67)

Xabi Alonso (69)

The reebok Stadim was full of White shirts as Bolton wanderers fans came to see there team play against a on form Liverpool team. The Bolton Fans were only here for one thing and that was to beat Liverpool and it looked like there wishes had started in the 43min When Davies Dribbled through the defenders and sloteded it past the Keeper. But in the second half Davies's day would soon come to an end when he had a 2 footed challenge been show a red card. and then Liverpool came into the game and on the 67min T.Henry scored to bring them Level and then 2mins later Xabi Alonso Scored from 20yards to put Liveprool 2-1 up. And the final score finnished 2-1 to liverpool.

Manager Aaron bolam Spoke to Sky Sports after the match.

Sky Sports: Do you think today your team Peformed to there ability and Deserved the win.

Aaron Bolam: we played good football and i think Boltons red card completley changed the game, after the red card we deserved the win.

Sky Sports: Do you fell Cambiaso's challenge was wervey of a red card.

Aaron Bolam: i've seen the Challenge and i dont think he can have any complaints as he was already booked. i spoke to him after the game and has relised what he has done and his Punashment will be 3 games on the touchline, But luckely he will be back to face Chelsea at Anfield.

Sky Sports: Your still challenging for 3 cups, Will Liverpool fans see maybe 1 or 2 new faces By the end of next week maybe.

Aaron Bolam: Theres always something to work on but at the moment im happy with my team and i think we have a strong anothe squad to win trophies. if i feel we need room for improvment i will be contacting managers but at the moment there is no room for improvent in the squad

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Guest Football8

Re: Gold Championship 45 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread


Manchester United 3-2 Stoke City

Manchester United saw of Stoke tonight in an amazing fixture. Michael Carrick gave United the lead, Shevchenko doubled it just before half time. Manucho extended his goal record, by getting the 3rd for the Red Devils, 4 minutes into the second half.

Stoke never gave, they pulled one back through Abdoulaye Faye, 14 minutes before full time. Just 4 minutes remaining and they got another back through, Mamaev. But Manchester United held on to clinch the 3 points. The win keeps them on track to catch Everton who sit 5 points clear and they stay in second place. United next travel to the JJB Stadium to face Wigan, followed by a SMFA Cup semi-final against Italian giants Inter Milan


Carrick, Shevchenko and Manucho on the scoresheet for Manchester United tonight.

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Re: Gold Championship 45 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread

Anfield Witness Liverpool Secure Place In Semi Finals in the SMFA Cup.


Aaron Bolam Has Prasied his players after Coming out 1-0 winners against Real Madrid. Aaron Bolam said that there Squad Was Stronger in places but are squad had more spirit and that is why They are in the Semi Finals


Henry and Pennant Secure Win In EPL Against Arsenal

Aaron Bolams team Kept up the einning streak Against Arsenal . Henry and Pennant scored the goals and Aaron bolam Hopes that Henry will now show The EPL why Liverpool signed him. Aaron Bolam was very Happy with the result and no are 6th and 2 points of The top four.

Aaron Boalm's liverpool are at home to High Fliers Sunderland and he says it will be no easy game , He Reckons it will be a harder game then it was against Arsenal and has Spoke About Sunderland. It will be a hard game as they are 3rd in the League they have a lot of confidence and it will be hard to Break them down.

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Re: Gold Championship 45 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread

Rooney leaves Milan for Madrid


Wayne Rooney completed a shock move to Real Madrid this afternoon after Milan received what they said was "an offer too good to turn down" last night. Both Pepe and Daniele De Rossi joined Milan in exchange for the 23 year old and both will make their debuts tomorrow night in the top of the table match against Dai's Fiorentina - both sides currently on 57 points. Pepe and De Rossi will also be available to play in the SMFA Shield with the first leg of the Semi Final next week.

This means that Raul will become the club's main striker, instead of playing as an attacking midfielder, with Kevin Kuranyi as back up and Stefan Kiessling 3rd choice, with both Alexandre Pato and Marco Borriello out on loan.


(De Rossi and Pepe join Milan and both will start tomorrow)

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Re: Gold Championship 45 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread


Liverpool Land In Milan Ready For SMFA Cup Final

Early Today Liverpool Flew into Milan ready for there Cup Final Against Inter.Aaron Bolam Have no Injury Worries and will have there First team squad out


Liverpool Beat Some Highley Ranked teams To get to the final.They Beat Santos , Real Madrid , And PSV. They got through the Knockout rounds by considing 2 goals.

Inter Beat Barcelona , Werder Breman and Manchester united . Inter have a very strong squad and it should be a very good game.

Both Teams Will Be Going Out For The Prize


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Re: Gold Championship 45 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread

Early Today Liverpool Flew into Milan ready for there Cup Final Against Inter.

Err why you in Milan when the final will be at Wembley? :D:P

Meanwhile, AC Milan are in Argentina for their Shield semi final first leg against Velez Sarsfield with Raul, Schweinsteiger, Rakitic and Droguett all out. Pato has been re-called from Schalke for tonight only and will partner Kevin Kuryani up front whilst winger Diego Galvan makes his debut. :)

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Re: Gold Championship 45 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread


America Ease Past Chivas

America eased past Chivas at the jalisco stadium in front of 62,000 fans it was an easy 2-0 win in the end and after the game Thomas Ince said "i enjoyed todays game as it was a comfortable victory for the team and we moved more up the table"

America took the lead on the 36th minute when Asamoah capitalized on a mistake in the Chivas defence and rounded the keeper to place the ball in the back of the net.

America doubled there lead on the 61st when Oscar Rojas beat the offside trap and placed the ball under the keeper which helped a player whos confidence was down recently.

The game finsihed 2-0 but it could of been much more as the posession shows it was 39% to 61% to the away team.

Ochoa Signs New Contract


Commited his future to america on the 5 year contract.

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Guest Football8

Re: Gold Championship 45 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread


Manchester United 8-3 Everton Wow !

Manchester United tonight showed why they are called, or explained why they are called the red devils !

The intense atmosphere was red as a traffic light at Goodison Park !

What happened was...

Ruud Van Nistelrooy got a hattrick, some wonderful goals which you should catch on the BBC iplayer.

Our man Frederic Kanoute got 2 goals !

Dutchman Arjen Robben did the dodgy overhead kick !

Paul Scholes rolls in after beating the offside trap, poor flagsmen.

Carlos Tevez taps in a minute later after Scholes, oh, beautiful stuff !

Then again Everton did get 3 goals, which on most days is enough to win.

Osman, Yobo and Montenegro getting the so called consolation goals for Everton at their home ground !

That all just about fit onto our online newspaper, one more goal and we wouldnt of been able to host it. Join us next time as we hope for United to score 10, so we can't host it !


A couple of the extreme Old Trafford lads who managed to get on the scoresheet today.

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Re: Gold Championship 45 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread

Last day win seals 2nd place


Too many mistakes in the last 10 games proved costly in the end as Milan could only manage a 2nd place finish behind Dai's Fiorentina. Going into last night's games the title was still a possibility if both Fiorentina and Inter lost and Milan won. Genoa's 2-1 win over Inter, and a 3-0 win at Cagliari for Milan meant that it was down to Fiorentina and they comfortably won 3-1 against Sampdoria. Raul's 67th minute goal for Milan proved to be the difference between 2nd and 3rd place though with the club's goal difference 1 higher.

Paulo Maldini:

In the end we have to be happy with 2nd place, going into the last game we were 3rd and just a single goal separated us and Inter. Congratulations to Fiorentina as overall they were probably the better side but we're disappointed to end the season with nothing after looking like we could do the League and Europe double a few weeks ago. Personally, I felt my form this season wasn't as good as it should be but next year I will be hoping to do better in what could be my last season.

Player Awards:

Top Goalscorer: Hugo Droguett - 13

Most Assists: Raul - 16

Most MoM Awards: Kevin Kuranyi - 4

Player Of The Year: Raul

Despite playing most of the season in an attacking midfield role, Raul also played his part as the lone striker when needed and finished the season with 9 goals as well as 16 assists. He was also one of just 3 players to play over 30 league games along with Maldini and Doni.

Young Player Of The Year: Danny Welbeck

After joining from Manchester United towards the middle of the season, Welbeck was kept in the senior squad with a number of loan offers turned down for the 18 year old. In the end, Welbeck only ended up playing 4 games but showed huge potential with 4 goals and 2 assists in 2 Italian Shield games. He was also given starts in 2 league games and looks set to feature more next year.


Russia confirm World Cup Squad


After taking over the Russia job this afternoon, George has immediately confirmed the squad that he will use at the World Cup which starts on Monday.

Igor Akinfeev

Vyacheslav Malafeev

Renat Yanbaev

Roman Shishkin

Aleksandr Anyukov

Roman Shirokov

Roman Sharonov

Aleksei Popov

Denis Kolodin

Sergei Ignashevich

Vasili Berezutsky

Aleksei Berezutsky

Yuri Zhirkov

Diniyar Bilyaletdinov

Aleksandr Ryazantsev

Vladimir Bystrov

Konstantin Zyryanov

Igor Semshov

Sergei Semak

Igor Denisov

Evgeni Aldonin

Andrei Arshavin

Dmitri Torbinsky

Viktor Fayzulin

Alan Dzagoev

Dmitri Sychev

Aleksandr Kerzhakov

Roman Pavlyuchenko

Pavel Pogrebnyak

Roman Adamov

Russia are in Group H and face Denmark first before games against Bosnia & Herzegovina and Egypt.

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Guest Abdel Zizi

Re: Gold Championship 45 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread

Genoa close season with stunning win

After a long and good season for Genoa, a 5th place is rightfully theirs.

In their last game they delivered a big blow to league leaders Inter, beating them 2-1 and leaving them 3rd instead of champions.

With a very youthful and strong squad, they are looking to shine both in Italy and Europe next season.

Player of the year: Moussa Dembele

Best 11 of season 1


Azpilicueta Chyhrynskiy Criscito

Arda Vidal Ozil Blanco

Carlos Eduardo

Kalinic Dembele







Abdel Zizi also announced his Bosnia squad for the World Cup:















PJANIC, Miralem


IBRICIC, Senijad


TOPIC, Marko





Bosnia, group winner before Australia and Argentina, will face Egypt, Russia and Danmark.

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