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A rule on the forum, which I imagine is relatively unknown to many of you, is that signature pictures should be no larger than 470x120 pixels in size. This rule has never really been enforced all that diligently as most people (mods included) thought that it was too small. However, recently more and more images have been appearing in people's signatures which are far too big. Some have even distorted the page due to being too wide, others are so high that scrolling down the page becomes a chore. In order to control the size of images in signatures, we have spent the last week or so discussing a new limit which will be enforced properly.

Signature Limits

  • One image (flat or GIF) no larger than 500x280 pixels
  • One image (flat or GIF) no larger than 500x250 pixels plus one line of text (no larger than size 2)
  • No videos (including Youtube)

We feel that these new limits are more than fair and there should be no need for anyone to have an image larger than this in their signature area. Obviously, we understand that not everyone will read this immediately so you have until this Friday (07/06/13) at 6PM to remove any images that are too big. After this time the following procedure will be in place:

  • You will receive an official warning requesting the removal of your signature
  • Failing this, you will be given an infraction and told to remove your signature
  • Failure to do so will result in a further infraction and the image being removed by an admin

Note: Repeated disregard of requests to remove your signature may result in the privilege of having one taken from you.

If you would like to have an image resized so that it complies with the forum rules then I'm sure someone will be able to help you on the graphics board. You may wish to post in the Graphics Request Thread.

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