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Central midfielder for 20mil

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Guest deadmau5

Re: Central midfielder for 20mil

Veloso will not go higher in Portugal.

So I would buy Raul Garcia as he plays with a much better team in a much better league and with guaranteed CL games.

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Re: Central midfielder for 20mil

I'd be inclined to warn you off Raul Garcia as he hasn't been in the first XI for Ateltico a few times since he signed.

Joao Moutinho is probably the best player but plays in a fairly poor league and shouldn't rise until he leaves Sporting.

Mikel is doing well at Chelsea (barring that pen miss:o) but has a lot of competition when everyone is fit (luckily that never seems to happen at Chelsea).

For around £20mil there are a few others you could consider (I don't know what they're valued at in your set-up or if they're taken but I'll throw it out there).

Aquilani is better than his 91 rating and would have risen if not for Roma's awful form. People are touting him for a move to Inter and he is either footed (always nice to have).

Speaking of Inter, Muntari could be a nice option. If Inter sustain their success (though they have looked suspect at times under Mourinho), he could rise to 93 in the future if he cements his first team place. He's a CM, a 91 and 24 years of age.

Anderson too would be an excellent option and he is coming closer and closer to being a mainstay in a Man United team where competition is rife. As I said on another thread the other day, Feguson has touted him as the successor to Bryan Robson and Roy Keane (a bit off topic but have seen the thing on Setanta! Hasn't travelled with the team- Keano strop or end of his Sunderland reign?). He plays CM/AM, is 20 y.o and is rated 91.

If Yaya Toure moves to Arsenal as many have speculated he could be a good choice as he looks to me (a neutral, feel free to correct me any Arsenal fans) like exactly what they need. He might be a bit pricier and is a 92.

Yaya's Barce team-mate Sergi Busquets could also be a cheaper, long-term option. He is an 85 (I think!) but will surely rise more in the future but is a DM/CM. Another young CM I'm sure you'll have heard plenty about on this forum is Dzagoev (pardon possible spelling errors:rolleyes: ). He is however an AM/CM. With these being cheaper, you could get both (if they haven't been snapped up) as opposed to one great player and in the future they will probably both be 90+ (Dzagoev at the next Russian ratings if he keeps it up and Busquets in two Spanish ones time- these are estimates). Finally, another curve ball in Lassana Diarra. He is a DM/CM so isn't precisely what you asked for but is only 23, will be well under 20mil and is being linked to a few top teams (Man U and in-form Tottenham in the last few days alone).

Hope that helps.


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