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DENIS KOLODIN anyone know much about him??


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Guys have noticed that he went up to 90,,, but I dont see any russian footie, and therefore dont know much about him. Is he in the NT squad ? and is he worth buying?,,his club Dinamo Moskva is an unmanaged external club so could exchange couple of players, and he would be usefull as most of the well known CB's in this setup are already gone, except for Santacroce who is just sitting in an unmanged 18man Napoli squad ( what a waste :mad: :mad: )

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Re: DENIS KOLODIN anyone know much about him??

I don't watch an awful lot of Russia either, but I can give you a little info on him.

Been a Dinamo regular for 3 years, and this year has been a regular in the Russia starting 11.

Had played 22/23 in the league (suspended for the other) up until midway through september, but hasn't played since. Can only assume he's injured :?

Anyway, solid 90 and with dinamo becoming more of a force, and his place in the NT, if he is to move its upwards. Others that follow Russia will have more of an idea than me tho.

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