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Chinese Democracy,and the AXl Rose show

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Well he's finally done it, after 14 or wotever years of waiting, Axl Rose has finally released Chinese Democracy, and ................... wait for it, its a piece of poo haha! :)

I can quite happily say that this garbage is not Gn'R, its Dog POO :) and a great big disappointment!!!! and that all those who believe this is better the UYI and Velvet Revolver are bloody deluded

I believe a congratulations are in order, SO Congratulations to Slash and co (duff etc) for being right :D

And thanks Axl for ruining it all for us :mad:

I know no1 will respond to this post haha but i dont care!!!! I'm glad i've got my rant outta my system :P

Good Day ;)

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Re: Chinese Democracy,and the AXl Rose show

i dont think the album is the best GnR but i dont thinks its the worst i prefer it to Spaghetti incident

it has its bad points ill admit and i dont honestly think its a GnR album due to the fact Rose is the only orginal left!!!!

Therefore i will give it 6/10 but still wish it still had slash and Duff!!

PS Velvet revolver rule and this album took way too long to make for its actual worth!

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Re: Chinese Democracy,and the AXl Rose show

Does anyone else see the incredible irony in Axl Rose writing 'One In A Million', and then 20 years later having the nerve to sample Martin Luther King in his album's most overblown epic? :rolleyes:

First of all, this isn't even a GnR album in my opinion. Izzy Stradlin was always their strongest songwriter back in the day. The moment Axl started to have too much input in that department was the moment GnR started going downhill. Without Izzy and Slash (Buckethead, who isn't in the band anymore but I assume played on most of the album, is an excellent guitar player but can't write a good solo to save his life), it can't be called Guns n' Roses. Ideally, Duff McKagan should be in there too. The difference between the songs on Chinese Democracy and any other GnR album confirms that Axl on his own can not be Guns n' Roses.

The album is mostly just Axl trying (and failing) to be 'epic' again, with a bit of very dated sounding industrial metal rubbish thrown in for the sake of 'variation', some slight nods to the past (that sound forced to say the least), and a couple of ethnic bits probably just thrown in because of the album title. It's very obvious most of the songwriting was done in the mid-90s. There's also not one memorable riff, not one memorable solo (just confused madness with no direction or purpose), the arrangements are mostly very poor with more than one song feeling like a cheap cut and paste job (despite costing $13 million), and Axl's voice sounds shot on most of the songs (Scraped and Prostitute are the only ones I remember where he sounds decent, but even those sound like he's trying too hard).

Chinese Democracy is totally what I was expecting though after hearing leaks of Madagascar, The Blues (now called Street Of Dreams) and the title track about 4 years ago. In fact I fail to see what they have been doing in that time except for polishing the sound a bit. :confused:

Overall, I give it 4/10 (which on my scale means 'below average'). It would have been 3/10 (meaning 'poor'), but IRS (or parts of IRS to be more accurate) rescued it slightly.

To be honest, considering I've said nothing positive about it whatsoever, 4/10 seems a high rating. That's because despite its massive and all too frequent flaws, a few of the songs are actually fun to listen to. If Axl had dropped the GnR name and forgot about all the pompous self-worshippery (made up word?), and instead concentrated on the simple stuff and wrote a balls out rocker under a different name, Chinese Democracy could have been a far, far better album than it actually is.

EDIT: I do think Chinese Democracy is a bit better than the latest offering from Metallica though. :P

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Re: Chinese Democracy,and the AXl Rose show

Thank u guys, finally some real Gn'R fans :D

Yeah i kno sampling Dr King is funny, suppose he's trying to apologize 4 One in a million. But hey, i liked that song lol


I suppose Axl deserve's credit for actually sticking to his word and finally releasing it. But 14 years :confused: to be to totally honest, i could of mixed all tht in Pro Tools in about a year :eek: and i'm rubbish @ it HAHA. Seems to me that it's been, 14 years of silence and 14 years of pain ;)

I see it's already topping I tunes and everyone on there is writing about how wonderful it is, Basically all the Axl fans, who a practically making love to him haha. U can clearly see these guys have no interest in Gn'R as a whole, and who are only interested in the Axl Rose show, with such comment like, "who cares what slash is doing in Velvet Revolver, there nothing compared to this band!" and "This album is a masterpiece better then UYI, well done Axl, u won" and "Who cares if Slash, Duff etc aren't in it, these guys a better musicians then those 2 ever where" ............. lmfao, excuse me? People dont half talk some rubbish, i mean what have those guys ever done compared to Slash and Duff ..... :confused:

If u listen to it, Chinese Democracy is the strongest track on the Album, i got bored of the rest, And as for Madagascar, wot the hell was Axl thinking, is he now some sorta R&B/electronic artist haha. He's put together a whole drum track using MIDI drums (basically the drums style you here from AN R&B artist such as Rihanna) and it's in a bloody R&B electronic style :eek: not what u what from Gn'R. And in the album notes the band's got a synthesizer programmer in the line up, is with that.

Honestly though, comparing it to appetite and UYI its a disgrace :mad:!!!! Axl has ruined it for all the real Gn'R fans its time he started ringing up Slash and Duff etc to not only apologize but to ask them back.

Even comparing it to Contraband and Libertad, it's real is a let down!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Axl

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