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Whats The Best Lie Youve Ever Made?

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Re: Whats The Best Lie Youve Ever Made?

I was just curious about it.

So tell everyone whats the worst lie you've ever made

Mine is that i know this really stupid friend :).

he used to play SM.Im like to him i got a Sm Club with 1000 players.

Thats like my best lie!!!Its really bad yeh? lol

actually I saw a team with 500 players , so it isn't such a huge lie.

One of my best lies was when I told to a manager that Torres will get a descrease from 93 to 90 because he had a period without scoring after he joined Liverpool :) and I showed him some players who decreased .

He decided to sell me for only 28 M :eek:

Recently the manager retired from SM because after this I lied him about Aguero too and I bought him for only 7M + Stekelemburg the Ajax keeper , luckily the keeper was in a period when he got 2-3 consecutive appearances for Netherlands and Kun was only 91 ATM :)

Actually I'm still trying to lie somebody because I want to sell Abidal and I got the maximum offer till now , only 35 and I want around 50 M :D

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Re: Whats The Best Lie Youve Ever Made?

Been telling my son since he was born im his Dad ;)

Just joking son if you read this ' date='the DNA results have just come in and its 1% positive that i am so alls ok.:D:)[/quote']

I went to a booze shop and said i was 18 when i was 16 and managed to buy 2 strongbows :D

and when i was at school we had swimming lessions i pretended that i was drowning so my teacher and a life gaurd jumped in and when they got me i went BO. got hammerd for that and i mean hammerd. :D:o suppose that one was a little serios but it was still a lie ish

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Re: Whats The Best Lie Youve Ever Made?

Here's some of mine:

  • Got someone to believe that I was an Islamist extremist

  • Made someone belive that white bread is healthy for white people, brown bread is for other racial types

  • Claimed to have invented the Spork (a mix between a spoon and a fork)

  • Persuaded someone to give me £40 for a lemon grove based business and then told them I'd lost all the money/ spent it ;)

  • Forced someone to stop believing in Christianity after reports stated that it turned out I was the son of God

  • I once made long a long list of lies of pointless lies on a forum

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