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Australian Championship 22 Match Report Thread

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Re: Australian Championship 22 Match Report Thread


Melbourne Victory

Today at 4pm, Australian Championship 22 was made and Liam-LUFC was the second manager to secure his team in the highly anticipated game world.

As soon as he secured the team he got to work on aiming to bring in players and made his aims as a manager clear.

My aim as a manager is to produce the team of tomorrow; to produce a team of youngsters who are talented enough to one day be world class.

Football isn't as big a sport in Australia as it is elsewhere in the world and this effects Australian clubs in a big way.

As football clubs, we have less money than teams playing elsewhere in the world. I've come out lucky with 10 million to spend and a rather large stadium, it will be interesting to see how things progress.

For privacy reasons, Liam-LUFC has chosen not to state the players he is interested in. An update with regards to transfers at Melbourne is to come in the next couple of days if all goes according to plan.

Liam-LUFC also made it clear he is looking forward to his first games to see how his squad cope in this Australian league.

I am quite enthusastic about my job and look forward to seeing how Melbourne cope, I am doing my best to make Melbourne a bigger club but as we are progressing so are other clubs.

I have arraged one friendly and sent a polite request for another to be played on friday night for the next two weeks.

We will play Sydney on Friday 5th December and have challenged Queensland Roar for a friendly on Fri 12 Dec.

Your next update will likely be tomorrow, thank you for reading. :)

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Re: Australian Championship 22 Match Report Thread


Brown's New Office in Sydney

After spending a generous £5 for his and a few chatters enjoyment, Ryan Brown landed in Sydney this afternoon to pursue his new career in Australia. After a quick look around and a meeting with the players he soon realized there would have to be a lot of changes at Sydney FC. He told us earlier that there would be a signing in almost every position as the board were giving him a healthy budget. He refused to reveal his targets for fear of them being 'hijacked'. He also said that he had always been a big fan of Australian football he said he was determined to make Sydney FC into a world recognized club.

More to come.

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