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-Nemanja Matic- Serbian U21 Starlet -


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Boro target set for move

Matic's trial cut short after Serbia call-up

MFK Kosice have admitted it is 'likely' that Middlesbrough target Nemanja Matic will be playing in the Premier League in January.

Matic will train with Middlesbrough this week, although his trial has been cut short after he was called up to the Serbia squad for the friendly with Poland on Sunday.

The midfielder is wanted by several clubs across Europe, but would prefer a move to England, with Boro having close ties with Kosice.

The Slovakian side are keen to hang on to the 20-year-old, but head of football development Allen Bula concedes Matic is likely to move when the transfer window reopens.

"Even though we don't want to lose Matic, it is looking more likely he will be playing in the Premiership in January," Bula told skysports.com.

Matic's selection for Serbia's game with Poland is his first call-up to the senior squad and Bula has no doubts that the youngster can go on to become a top player.

He added on the club's official website: "We always knew that this player would become a star player in Europe.

"MFK Kosice's player development programme has shown once again that players, when given the right timeframe, will become star players like Nemanja.

"I am sure that Marko Milinkovic, ther other Serbian Under 21 international we have, will be called up for the senior Serbian side in the near future."

Boro have already agreed a deal to sign Peter Gal-Andrezly on loan from Kosice, while Juraj Hovancik is due to join Matic on trial on Teesside.

Gareth Southgate is ready to make a £2.5million transfer window swoop for super young Serb Nemanja Matic, the 20-year-old Kosice player.

He's qutie the talent. Krcmaeric is a legend for finding him and Milinkovic in the Slovak League. He's going to be a huge asset to our U-21 this summer and who knows maybe even NT if he does well in EPL. :)

Video of Nemanja Matic skills. ;)


I would also like to mention that he only has 3 caps for Serbian U-21 and has 2 goals as a midfielder. Both of the goals came from the Serbia-Israel friendly where Serbia won 3-2 after being up 3-0 in first half. His teammate in Slovakia Milinkovic scored the other goal. :)

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Re: -Nemanja Matic- Serbian U21 Starlet -

Good shout. Matic is currently rated 81, 20 yo, so should still have quite some way to go.

Although, don't think he would have a great rise yet. Even a move to Boro wouldn't put him above like 85 by the end of the season, methinks. But he is a good prospect for the long term, I mean being in the NT and all. Hope to see him more often from now on?

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Re: -Nemanja Matic- Serbian U21 Starlet -

Anyhow, it is reported that Chelsea have aquired the services of Serbain starlet Nemanja Matic. IMO he was our best player at the U-21 tournament right before he got injured, which was a real shame as he was the only one that had creativity. They say that the deal was about 5.8 million.

Here's my problem though:

"Ništa nisam potpisao niti sam bilo kom mediju rekao išta o tome. Čuo sam da postoji interesovanje Čelsija. Čast mi je da me takav klub želi u ekipi, ali daleko sam ja od Londona"

"The guy is clearly denying everything while that slovakian paper said that he's been talking to them. Alright, he might have slipped up, but facts are facts, rumors and speculations are, well, just that. It doesn't mean he won't be going there, but at this point, he's surely a player of Košice in the Slovakian league."

He's more of a Yaya Toure resemblance than "Patrick Vieri" as someone mentioned earlier.

Just type his name in youtube and there's two 9 min long videos of him in the Slovakian League. It's quite an old video when he was 17/18 and has greatly improved since then :)

*The second video is much better..

His greatest strengths are strength, height(6'4), speed(amazing for his height), technique(beyond superb and possibly better than Tosic's IMO), and of course passing. Sometimes he's off but when he's on it's world class passing. He's known to get past 4-5 defenders with ease so hopefully he can develop at Chelsea if the rumor is true. It wouldn't be bad to loan him out for a season. Maybe even at Twente to join his Serbian buddy Slobodan Rajkovic ;)

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Re: -Nemanja Matic- Serbian U21 Starlet -

As I predicted..This kid is just the starlet I knew he would be =)

OFFICIAL: Nemanja Matic to Chelsea!

Supposidly his club Kosice from Slovaki get 1.7 million while Matic gets 6 million :eek:

Quite a lot of pounds for someone who hasn't proven himself in a better league. :)

We'll see how Matic handles himself this season. They expect him not to come to January of 2010. I hope he gets loaned out first season to a club like Twente or PSV aka their feeder clubs. He has way too much potential and talent to rot on their bench! =)

He is currently injured though so we won't be seeing any action from him. He's rapidly recuperating though and he should be ready for the match against France if Antic calls him up. Of course Stankovic and Milijas are ahead of him in the midfield as well as Kacar ;)

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