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Whos the better striker?


Whos the better striker?  

  1. 1.

    • Lavezzi
    • Pato
    • Higuain
    • Rossi
    • Bojan
    • Zarate

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Re: Whos the better striker?

Everyone knows that all of these players have amazing potential...

I think that Lavezzi is the best out of that list at the current time.. He is outstanding and plays for the Argentinian Ntional team also... Which will help his rating... Its only a matter of time before he leaves Napoli and goes to one of Europe's big guns, where he will shine...

I have him in a few of my teams and he scores loads for me... Saying that, Bojan does too though...

So I would go with one of those myself...

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Re: Whos the better striker?

i believe that pablo piatti is performing better at the moment

Hes played 11 games.

Scored 3 Assists 0.

Even rossi is doing better then him

Hes played 19, scored 12 and assists 2.

Higuain - games 16,goals 11, assists 2

Zarate - games 15, goals 7, assists 4.

Lavezzi - games 13, goals 4, assists 4.

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Re: Whos the better striker?

Lavezzi's game to goal ratio isn't that good' date=' is he really that good?

I would go for higuain or pato. Both playing games for top teams and will definitely rise higher in the near future.[/quote']

I dunno about lavezzi it could be wrong considering everyone seems to bum him. :confused:

I got my information from


about how many they scored etc.

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Re: Whos the better striker?

I would do-







@Darshan- I believe we have buy back clause for Rossi. not too sure though

So your saying i should buy Pato?

And about buying back Rossi, Manchester United can buy him back for a "bigger fee" then they received from Villarreal.

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