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Leeds Utd Challenge


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Jus a little thread to ask all you guys wi leeds teams, how they are doin?!?!?! Transfers,games won, promotions etc etc :D

I took control of leeds utd in ENGLISH CHAMP 2172 on day one.... And this is were the fairytale started.....;)

Ive played 14 games in the league and won 14!! Scoring 57 goals in the process and conceding only 8 :D 4 in the cups and won 4 beating the likes of cardiff and southampton, atm in the quaters of the cup against preston....

To accomplise this unbeaten run itself is nothing short of amazing in my opinion, considering im a girl :D there isnt one player in my squad that plays for leeds utd in real life, ive brought in 44 players with 25 going the other way.

My team-


COUPET, Grégory-91

TOLDO, Francesco-87




STRINIC, Ivan -73

IBANEZ, Luis-72

CICINHO, João-90

CASSETTI, Marco-90

VAN EIJDEN, Rens -71


JAVI NAVARRO, Francisco-89

SIDNEI, Rechel-85

MUNOZ, Ezequiel-75

DARMIAN, Matteo-74

ANTON, Chema-72

SARE, Bakary-72

FELIPE , Trevizan -71

MACH, Petr-72



LJAJIC, Adem-74

MAKELELE, Claude-92


WUYTENS, Stijn-75

DE METS, Gertjan-72

KOVAC, Niko-90

SHELVEY, Jonjo-75

N'DIAYE, Alfred-74


CHICO, Luís-72

GUERCI, Alex-72


PIRES, Robert-91

RIVALDO, Vitor-90

TAISON , Barcellos-75

COPIL, Dumitru-74

SÁNCHEZ, Alfredo-70


ANELKA, Nicolas-92

SALVIO, Eduardo-76

SAIVET, Henri-75

DE LEON, Jonathan-72

SHERIDAN, Cillian-72

ORLANDO SA, Carlos-70

MANCINI, Filippo-70

ROBINSON, Scott-68

PALERMO, Martín-90

AAS, Jo Sondre-74

ITO, Sho-67

So there's my team, get in touch and let me no about your leeds, dont forget to tell me what ya think of my team :D

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Re: Leeds Utd Challenge

I think they went for around 6mill for both. Fair does i was aware that delpf was sure for a rise, but i got a decent price, look at all the other risers ive got in my team tho, every player is going to rise apart from the accomplised one's :D

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Re: Leeds Utd Challenge

You want:



My first Leeds are top of Div 2 (on GD to 3 others teams), after battering everyone in Div 3. Starting line-up average is 86, average age is 20.

My second Leeds just won Div 3, but are now bottom of Div 2 after 2 games played. Have Bojan, Dzagoev, then a ton of youngsters around the 84/85 mark.

My GC Leeds came 3rd but lost the play-off final. Got a cracking team for a GC IMO.

My new Leeds lost their first 2 games, but I just took over after they were played. Currently selling off the entire squad (Bar Delph, White and Elliott), and then I'm going to spill out on risers.

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Re: Leeds Utd Challenge

How do you do that if you dont mind me asking??? Were you can show the pic of your team + league etc etc????

It's called a screenshot/screenie.

To do one press Print Screen on the page you want to take a screenie of (located next to F12 or Scroll Lock on most keyboards)' date=' then go onto Paint and click edit, then paste, or press Ctrl and V on your keyboard. Save it, go to [url']www.imageshack.us[/url] and upload it.

Right. I have 5 Leeds teams (lol).


Team 1: My original. First ever team on SM. Took them over mid-way through S2. Very poor squad. Many thanks to Bestpay and TomOwen - using their risers I managed to start the change. And thanks to my own scouting, BenReado, Radebe20, Teb, TomOwen again, and a few others, I have made them into a pretty fearsome team. Despite this, I am unable to get any success. S1, they got promoted (without me). Since taking over, I have come 10th in S2, 7th in S3 (just finished), and sit 19th after 2 games in S4 (two defeats fcs). My team:

Lloris 90

Konko 89 --- Thiago Silva 89 --- Marcelo 90

Mata 89 --- Mikel 91 --- Vidal 88 --- Alexis Sanchez 88

Renato Augusto 88

Guilherme 89 --- Hoarau 87

Other players of note: Sapunaru 87, Henrique 86, Vertonghen 88, Rever 87, Blanco 87, Sinclair 85, Ze Luis 87, Noboa 87, Jean 86, Lemoine 86, Busquets 85, Dzagoev 87, Aliev 87, Helmes 87, Boselli 85, and a ton of other players such as Bertolo rated under 85.


Team 2: My first ever GC team. Came 3rd in S1, lost the play-off final. Now I've won all of my 8 league games so far, and beat West Ham 3-1 in the cup. Team:

Steppe 82

Jeci 85 --- Rever 87 --- Abraham 86

Rosales 83 --- Leiva 85 --- Jean 86 --- Joaozinho 82

Iaschuk 86

Boselli 85 --- Maierhofer 85

Players of note: Ivan Marcano 84, Kotev 83, Danny Morais 83, Ivanov 82, Torres 79, Morales 81, Bertolo 83, Ryzhkov 80, Taison 83, Gutierrez 84, Vargas 83, Roger 80

Quite proud of that team. Trust me - for a GC Div 3 side, that's a good team.


Team 3: My third EC team. My second (Team 4) I made the mistake of buying all oldies (I've since got rid of all of them), this one I decided to go for youngsters only, as well as superstar Bojan. Easy promotion S1. After a dreadful start to S2, I'm now 11th, only a few points off 1st. Only 10 turns in mind. Team:

Sergio Asenjo 87

Henrique 86 --- Rever 87 --- Sakho 84

Noboa 87 --- Isla 86 --- Carioca 86 --- Ninkovic 87

Aliev 87

Bojan 89 --- Balotelli 86

Players of note: Fer 82, Van Der Wiel 82, Bianchi Arce 82, Ninis 83, Vitale 83, Jean 86, Busquets 85, Bertolo 83, Sandro Silva 85, Jumar 84, Dzagoev 87, Marquinhos 85, Taison 83, Willians Santana 83, Magrao 86, Gutierrez 84, Okaka-Chuka 84. Ibisevic coming in soon.


Team 4: My most successful team. Went a whopping 40 games unbeaten in a row in the league, and also went all the way in the Cup, beating Tottenham in the final. Won the league with ease. Now, 20 turns into the second season, we are top of Div 2. Team:

Rui Patricio 87

Rever 87 -- Pique 88 --- Bale 87

Blanco 87 --- Noboa 87 --- Isla 86 --- Marin 87

Fayzulin 88

Helmes 87 --- Hoarau 87

Players of note: Gunter 85, Boenisch 85, Marcano 84, Ninkovic 87, Sinclair 85, Jean 86, Carioca 86, Magrao 86, Marquinhos 85, Dzagoev 87, Gutierrez 84, Ibisevic 85.


Team 5: My most recent team. I took this one very recently, with the aim to buy just risers. So in other words, it's pretty poor atm but after these rises will be looking good. Cannot win for love or money atm, 17th after 9 or so games.


Hernandez/Garcia 80

Bianchi Arce 82 --- Rever 87 --- Danny Morais 83

Bertolo 83 --- Carioca 86 --- Magrao 86 --- Willians Santana 83

Marquinhos 85

Keirrison 83 --- Adeilson 84

Players of note: Gaston Diaz 80, Insaurralde 82, De La Barrera 79, Morales 81, Torres 79, Jean 86, Sandro Silva 85, Jumar 84, Taison 83, Cristaldo 80, Roger 80.



Team 1: S2 10th; S3 7th; S4 18th (2 turns in) - Average Age/Rating: 22/89

Team 2: S1 3rd; S2 1st (8 turns in) - Average Age/Rating - 24/85

Team 3: S1 1st; S2 11th (10 turns in) - Average Age/Rating - 20/87

Team 4: S1 1st (Won Cup); S2 1st (20 turns in) - Average Age/Rating - 21/87

Team 5: S1 16th (9 turns in) - Average Age/Rating - 21/84

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Re: Leeds Utd Challenge

Aaarrrgggghhh!!! Naff it' date=' i cant edit it so it just shows the league, its showing all the chuffin page including ads.... neva mind [/color']

Go to league. Press Print Screen. Open up Paint and paste. Then right click, and click Select All. Move the pic so the table is in the top left of Paint, and the ads and all that are out of the pic (try it and you'll see what I mean). Then go to the bottom right of Paint (scrolling down and right if possible) and click on the tiny square on the bottom right corner. Pull it up to close out any other ads and white space. Save, and upload.

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Re: Leeds Utd Challenge

First, it great to see leeds doing so well, lol. I tok over my team 3 seasons ago in division 3 and got promotion by third place (same points as second)

P: 38 W: 22 D: 8 L:8 GF: 68 GC: 34 PTS: 74

Good enough for promotiona dn the start of a special second season. Got promoted top of league lost one all season.:)

P: 38 W: 25 D: 12 L: 1 GF: 72 GA: 29 PTS: 87

This season it is my first season in premiership. Unfortunately the teams above me seem to be superior in players with all the biggest names in the league, yet with my 7 mil, ive managed to bring Leeds back into the top 4 ( as im currently 4th;) )

P:26 W:15 D:4 L: 7 GF: 53 GC: 34 PTS: 49

Anyway thats how the leagues are looking and hopefully i can go up the table as the season goes on. ANyway, nice to see so many Leeds fans on Soccermanager, Grayson is the man for the job. taraaaaa

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