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0-8mil To Spend

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Re: 0-8mil To Spend

i am looking for a young player any postion ive got 8 mil max buit like to spend around 6 mil ive bidded for marcelies of psv is there anyone you think would be good to buy

This guy is expected to rise to 88 or 89. It depends whether you have someone in that position and what position you are not doing so well in. :D

Hope it helped ;)

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Re: 0-8mil To Spend

didier digard expected to rise to a 92-93 in the future

Will you stop going on about Digard going to 92-93!! If it ever happens' date=' it wont be soon, I personally think he's good and will get better but not quite 92-93.

Why dont u get


Vedad Ibisevic (about 3.5m)[/b]

Patrick Helmes (about 4.5m)

Fabian Delph (about 500k)

Danny Sturridge (about 3.5m)

Adriano Buss Henrique (about 4.6m)

Nevan Subotic (about 5m)

Geovanni (older, about 3.5m)

Guillaume Hoarau (about 6.8m, top scorer in France)

I assume you cant afford them all but maybe some of them

Ones in bold are the ones who I think you should get the most

Cheaper players

Rafael (MUST BUY)

Fabian Delph

Savio Nsersko (Brescia)

Henri Saivet (long term)

Stijn Wuytens

Cillain Sheridan (MUST BUY)

Franco Zuculini (MUST BUY)

These all cost less than £1m each, but arent rated as highly as the ones I said before but should all rise next time and make you money. They might be worth buying.

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