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SM,s Craig- the cheat slayer!

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I would like to write this because after logging on this morning i was delighted to see that three of my worlds cheaters have been removed- two days after i reported it.

i took over Rennes a month ago- bottom by miles and with a team of crocks- how i like it. With a few exchanges and a lot of internet time (and i mean a lot) i managed to scrape a few risers and players who had been missed as well as a few youngsters (ibisevic,kacar) ,its season 4 in my world so i didnt expect miracles! With 6 games lost in a row i stuck at it- im no quitter because this team will be better when i have finished!!!

Anyway last week i saw that new managers were coming and going and league rivals Sampdoria and Udinese were profiting- for example Middlesborough would have a John Smith turn up,sell Keane to Udinese and Rossi to Sampdoria for a basic price (2 mill less than the previous manager paid in Rossi,s case) nand in return would get, a player sold for double (about) his value (some player who is old or will be down rated soon). In many cases (middlesborough) they would get four goalkeepers and have their team stripped and ruined. So both sides would get star players and a little cash too. Suffice to say Udinese were 10 points clear and Sampdoria were moving up the league. I contacted SM saturday morning a bit gutted but put down everything i knew including a note on what players i thought were involved.

Budda Bing today i logged on and 4 managers have been booted,down rated,several transfers have been redone- Rossi back to Middlesborough and my SM experience has improved!

Suffice to say guys,any cheating will be sorted, be vigilant,explain everything you see and it will be sorted.

Rennes have now won 3 in 4 after a lot of hard work, a few loans and im still bottom.........................

I dont care,there are no cheats in World 850! :) :) :)

Hi Kris,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention Kris. I have now investigated this matter and taken the appropriate action as we take a zero tolerance approach towards cheating.



SM Support Team


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Re: SM,s Craig- the cheat slayer!

It's always nice to see the cheats getting the boot. They completely ruin the game stripping teams, club hopping and so forth.

I always report any dodgy activity when I see it as I play by the rules so should everyone else.

I see a fair bit of it in an open set up I'm in and I find it strange because 9 times out of 10 someone takes control does what I consider dodgy stuff then quit usually within just a couple of games !

What IS the point in cheating in Soccermanager !

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Re: SM,s Craig- the cheat slayer!

their is no point fella. Its great to have a full world with plenty of well run managed teams, but when these guys start messing with teams who can blame new managers who join decimated teams and leave after a game? To be fair to SM Craig he changed back a few transfers they made and the teams look more attractive to manage now!

I was just so chuffed that a game has such a great response to cheating that i had to put it down in words. I want to lose because of my mistakes or bad moves, not because someone has moved the goalposts.

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