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Opinions on players.

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Re: Opinions on players.

Hey i was just wondering what are your opinions on the following players e.g Rating rises and potential and so on and so on.


Glushakov maybe to 86/87

Douglas Costa not sure

Keko not sure

Keirrison 87

Kokorin not sure

Rui Patricio not sure

Lulinha 84

Kenia up 2/3

Guilherme 89

Dzagoev 88

Thankyou for any response recieved.

Hope that helps.

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Re: Opinions on players.

They are all good and they will all keep rising. Did you take over a team with them? Or if you signed them yourself' date=' then why would you have done that? These players should be held onto for the long term.[/quote']

I am sorry mate but I dont make sense of what you have written. I have not bought any of them apart from keirrison and was just askin peoples opinions on them.

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Re: Opinions on players.

Why would you choose these players, you would have to know a little about them yourself. If you can get them, then buy them. You did good by buying Keirrison. He will rise big soon. Guilherme will rise soon as well, by 2. Lulinha will rise a bit as well. The others won't rise soon. There are other risers out there you can buy in the meantime. My opinion on the players you have listed is that they are all good. It is to early to tell for some of them, how good they will be.

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Re: Opinions on players.

yeah ano but sometiems wikepedia can show u if you read and take it in

you can make desicions for yourself

just for the future ;)

Dont use Wikipedia. It is usually got wrongs starts

ESPN is better

Busquets // Rise 87 (Playing quite regularly for Barcelona' date=' not as much as at the start of the season)

Glushakov // Stay (Season has ended so cant really judge him)

Douglas Costa // Rise 79-80 (Only featured at the end of the season, good long term)

Keko // Stay (No rise yet as he hasnt played for Atletico)

Keirrison // Rise 87 (Top goalscorer in Brazil)

Kokorin // Dont no

Rui Patricio // Rise 88-89 (89 if Sporting do well in Champions League)

Lulinha // Dont no

Kenia // Stay-Drop 79 (Hasnt played this season for Schalke)

Guilherme // Rise 89 (One of the top scorers in Brazil)

Dzagoev // Stay - Rise 88 (Russian league finished so hard to judge, but future 90+)

Sorry about the 2 I couldnt find anything about them, hope the rest helps though :)

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Re: Opinions on players.

I see you got all these players off my thread where I had said that i had place bids on all these players!!!

Kokorin is a player to look out for next season in the Russian League. he scored on his debut for Dinamo Moscow after coming off the bench. He has also scored a few goals since then!!!

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