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The Rochdale's League

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Will keep this post updated with an overall and monthly table, feel free to post anything else relevant (match reports/transfer/opinions etc).

Here are the monthly and overall tables. Previous winners will be listed below.

January Monthly Table


Annual Table


League Format

There will be a new table of forumers for each month, and an overall one for the whole year. Four things will make up the points you collect in this table:

Points in the league

Pretty much how it sounds. How ever many points have been collected in that month, will go towards your total. As this tournament progresses, some forumers may experience promotions, therefore making points harder to come by than previous divisions. To combat this, the amount of points made will be multiplied and then added to your total.

Div 4: x 1

Div 3: x 1.2

Div 2: x 1.4

Div 1: x 1.6

Value Increase

The amount of SM value that has increased from the previous month will be added to your total. This will be rounded to the nearest million, and 1 million = 1 point.

Cup Runs

The further you progress in a cup, the more points up for grabs. Please note that the points are only added once the cup has come to a close. The points are as follow.

Round 3: 3pts

Round 4: 6pts

Quarter's: 10pts

Semi's: 20pts

Losing Finalist: 30pts

Winner: 40pts

Final League Position

Your final league position will also contribute to that months total.

1st: 25pts

2nd: 20pts

Winning Play-off: 15pts

Losing Play-offs: 10pts

For most months, only the SM value and league points will take effect. These points will be posted in a table at the beginning of each month. The yearly table will be an accumulative total of the previous months.

That may seems confusing, but it doesn't require any participation from you other that 2 print screens each month! I just thought you may be interested to see exactly how this league will be working.

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Re: The Rochdale's League


The Dale

Its official Up Gunner has taken over Rochdale. It was yesterday announced at a press conference that Up Gunners would take over with immediate effect. Up Gunners has wasted no time whatsoever in the transfer market bringing in a number of players. 19 in total on permanent transfers.

Up Gunners was quoted as saying

This year at Rochdale we want promotion. This year i am looking at youths for the future. They have committed there future with the club and want to improve. This season i have wasted no time in the transfer market and hopefully in the long run it will pay. But for now we need to concentrate on our next game against Cheltenham town. I have transfer listed the whole squad and i am ready to bring in new young talent

It was announced today on the Rochdale official website that the following have signed for The Dale.

Alen Pamic

Jonathon De Leon

Rick Van wolfswinkel

Gustavo Bou

Robert Lewandowski

Lucas Viatri

Rinaldo Kassio

Mario Ticinovic

Madrazo Sergio Canales

Jack Collison

Tomislav Mazalovic

Stijn Wuytens

Mariano Paglialunga

Franco Zuculini

Valdes Efrain Juarez

Krzysztof Krol

Luis Ibanez

Nery Veloso

Mario Kirev

Petr Mach

But there major signing on loan has been Columbian international Felipe Caicedo on loan. He really help the team out up front alongside Argentinian Lucas Viatri. Fans are extremely pleased with Rochdale's acquisitions this season.


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Re: The Rochdale's League


Rochdale earlier unveiled Daniel Young as there new manager and was quick to get into the swing of things by bidding for 47 players with his 4.5 million spending money.

One bid that has already been accepted and will probably be the most expensive player to arrive at the Dale in this crazy spree is RAFAEL *77* from Division 1 giants Manchester Unied.

Pereira Da Silva RAFAEL


Will be big player at Rochdale for many years to come

More to follow pending transfers

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Guest drseanfitz

Re: The Rochdale's League

New Rochdale manager Sean Fitzpatrick has managed to 40 players signed so far. And has managed to bring in El Zhar, Cristaldo and Vokes on loan.(no one seems to be loaning out any decent players)

Biggest transfers so far have been

Nicolas N'KOULOU 900k

Lucas VIATRI 750k & Nathan D'LARYEA

Alexander BAUMJOHANN 425k

Kevin PEZZONI 425k

Unlikely to make any more signings before tomorrows first game at home to Yeovil.

Starting XI ave rating 76 ave age 20 (have so far opted against buying older players, have decided to see how the season starts before I use that route.)


------------ N'Koulou ------Efrain Juarez -------------Pezzoni--------

El Zhar ---------- Sandro Silva ---------Sergio Mota -----Baumjohann


------------------------------- Bou--------------------------------

----------------------Vokes --------- Cristaldo---------------------

----------------------(loan) ----------(loan)---------------------

Current squad size 53 current wage bill 226,530

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Re: The Rochdale's League


Rochdale to strong for Cheltenham Town

On the 27th of December Rochdale AFC took on Cheltenham Town at Spotland in what turned out to be a thrilling match up. The match starting in up-beat fashion with Rochdale witting the woodwork several times. After the break the match died out and it looked asif the match would turn out to be a draw but on the 66th minutes Italian youngster Stephen El Shaarawy slotted home past the keeper in fantastic fashion. With Rochdale continuing to dominate the match on the 77th minutes Stijn Wuytens hit a 30 yard belter to secure victory to the 'Dale. Final score was 2-0 to the 'Dale.

Up Gunners was quoted after the match as saying:

I thought we dominated the match. We had a good tempo and some great chances. The goals we got were well deserved and i'm just pleased that we could give the 'Dale supporters a good show. Next week we face a tough opposition in Lincoln City.

MOTM was Stephen El Shaarawy

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Re: The Rochdale's League

A great opening day victory

Huddersfield Town 0- 1 Rochdale

Adem Ljajic scored to give manager James Hall a fabulous start against the title favourites.

I was very pleased with the performance against a strong Huddersfield side we took control of the game and ultimmately came out winning. I am very proud of the lads but we have got to move on an focus on an equally tough game against chesterfield next wednesday

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Re: The Rochdale's League

Won first game against Brentford 2-1. Sturridge and Nakayama scored. My first XI.


Sare Pezzoni Bruno Perone

Leadbitter (loan) Latapy Wuytens Caruso

Di Santo (loan)

Nakayama Sturridge (loan)

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Guest King Kolo

Re: The Rochdale's League

Yay! Beat Paul Thame´s Port Vale 4-0!

Nakayama, Schwoch, Sierra and Solana scored.

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Re: The Rochdale's League

kwl so far signed 39 players and sold 8. more on the way. how do i put the snapshot on a forum thread?

Rochdale 1-0 Rotherham United

Half Time: (0 - 0)






5. N ONUOHA (loan)

6. G FERNANDES (loan)

7. K ETUHU (loan)





played 4-4-2 diamond

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Guest Toggs

Re: The Rochdale's League

Well...lost 3-0 on the opening day, but i should still be quite far up the tabel for the end of December.

Points from games: 0 x 1 = 0

Squad Value:

£23.600.000 --> With Loans = 20pts

£9.000.000 --> Without Loans = 6pts

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Re: The Rochdale's League

Leyton Orient2-2


Half Time: (2 - 0)





1 Gk


2 RB




4 Wing/Fwd



N. ONUOHA 86 (loan)


G. FERNANDES 87 (loan)

7 Wing/Fwd

K. ETUHU 81 (loan)

8 AM

B. TAISON 75 (goal)

9 Fwd/AM

I. VASTIC 85 (goal-red card)

10 CF


11 LM



12 Wing


13 LB/CB


14 CM


15 Fwd/Wing


16 Fwd/Wing


Currently sit 6th. ive signed 46 players and sold 11.

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Re: The Rochdale's League

Rochdale EC2758

27th Dec Division 4 Home Game 2 - 5 Darlington

31st Dec Division 4 Away Game 1 - 1 Cheltenham Town

17 Brentford 2 0 1 1 2 4 -2 1

18 ROCHDALE 2 0 1 1 3 6 -3 1

19 Port Vale 2 0 0 2 1 4 -3 0

20 Rotherham United 2 0 0 2 1 8 -7 0

Last 6 player bought into club (no original players left now)

Lossémy KARABOUé W - 73

Jonathan LASERDA CM - 73

Mendes ELIAS AM - 72

Jonathan DE LEON F - 72


Soares Pina EDU LB - 72

Number of Players - 42

Average Rating - 72

Average Age - 20

Average Value - £171K

Total Value - £7.1M

Average Wage - £3,855

Total Wages - £161,950

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Guest Toggs

Re: The Rochdale's League

After bad start, got a good 3-0 win against Yeovil! Faure, Viatri & Calciedo with the goals.

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Re: The Rochdale's League


SMPL announces his intent at Rochdale

SMPL took control of little Rochdale just over two weeks ago, and has mixed fortunes result wise from his first two games, winning his first game in charge 3-1 against Brentford, then suffering a reverse defeat against Crewe. He goes in to tonights game against Gillingham without starattacking midfielder Taison, who is suspended after picking up a needless red against Crewe in midweek.

He knows tonight's game is a tricky task with his first team currently averaging a 74 rating. But SMPL isn't too worried about the lack of big quality in his ratings.

"I've invested heavily in the South American transfer market to help us improve as quickly as possible" he revealed. "I always knew the first weeks in charge was going to be a tough challenge, but I have faith in my team to improve dramatically over the coming weeks"

Among SMPL's signings so far are Highly talented Mexican center back Efrain Juarez, Franco Zulicini, the Palmeiras defencive midfield pairing of Sandro Silva and José da Costa Jumar, Luis Chico, Jonathan De Leon and Boca Juniors trio Nicolas Guitan, Lucas Viatri and Juan Forlin.

"It's important to get a good spine in your team" Said SMPL "and these players are just that, in the next two or three weeks you'll see them grow incredibly and I believe when they do, and with at least two more signings in the next few days to come, this team will be almost unstoppable at this level".

Looks like the start of new revolution at the Dale, their division four rivals can't say they haven't been warned.

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Re: The Rochdale's League

won my first 3 games with the help of lucas, el zhar and nemeth on loan from liverpool and have a wage crippling squad of 78 players with jack collison on the way:D still not sure how o upload the screenshots and really don't have time atm will be able to try tomorow night could it hold until then?:D

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