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The Old Faces. Experienced Forumer Challenge.

Guest Toggs

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The Old Faces - Experienced Forumer Challenge

Welcome too the thread for what is shaping up too be an exciting compertition with some of the most experienced forumers on these forums participating.


Q - What Is This?

A - This thread is an information/discussion thread for the forumer that have been selected for this challenge where they can see ifnormation on what will happen & how etc... and put some ideas forward on how the challenge should be ran.

Q - Im an experienced forumer, can i join this?

A - You cannot put yourself foward too participate in this. Forumers that i feel should be included have been PM'ed with details. I am looking for around 10 forumers too participate, this could fall due too people not entering. If certain forumers decide not too participate, then that means i will be looking for replacement forumers. Too be PM'ed, i need too feel you have the following qualities:

  • You are an experienced forumer
  • You contribute too the forums in a good way
  • You are a committed manager

If you think you have the above, you may recieve a PM from me soon. Please do not PM or write on this thread asking too join! This is only invitation only.

Suggested Ideas For The Formatation Of The Challenge

The challenge would consist of 8/10 Forumers. They're would be a league made called 'The Old Faces Challenge'. They're will be 8 teams in this league, probaly squads without a 80+ player. The challenge would be too build your squad through the whole of 2009. The newsest season into 2010 and that will be the season that counts. The season would be played with the winner of the league getting £35 and the runner-up winning £15. (The money would be in some sort of voucher. Maybe Soccermanager Vouchers^.)

You would be given a whole year to build squads, so the teams would be very small sides

(eg: http://www.soccermanager.com/real-squad.php?clubid=998)

Forumers Who Have Accepted The Invitation So Far.



Mr Adamski

Alan 'CrazyBones' Neller




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Re: The Old Faces. Experienced Forumer Challenge.

Alan 'CrazyBones' Neller has accepted the invitation so that takes it up too 4 including myself. Unfortunatly Cally cannot join this challenge as he is struggling too keep control of all the teams he already has. Teb is doubtful also.

If either of you change your minds tohugh your both still welcome too join.

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Re: The Old Faces. Experienced Forumer Challenge.

Right. RossDAFC has now been added too the list as we have had too reject the invitations and he meets the criteria.

Also, im about too contact SM about the possibly of the prizes being Soccermanager Vouchers! :)

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Re: The Old Faces. Experienced Forumer Challenge.

Ticketed SM.

Also, its never too early too think about the teams, and rather that me making the teams and then you lot having too pick, YOU CAN CHOOSE YOUR OWN! As long as they meet the following criteria, you should be allowed them:

  • Not An English Team!
  • Only 1 80+ MAX!

Teams Took

Ross DAFC -> Queens Park (Scotland)

Toggs -> Dempo SC

GeorgeECFC -> FK Rabotnički

PM with the teams yould like !!!!

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Re: The Old Faces. Experienced Forumer Challenge.

All of Mr Adamski, Herby, SoP & Alan Neller need too PM me with the teams they would like too be. Here is the criteria your teams needs too match:

  • Only 1 80+ (If you have a player rtd 80, that counts as your 1 80+.)
  • NO ENGLISH TEAMS (Scottish, Irish & Welsh ARE allowed.)

Here are the current teams taken:

Toggs - FC Dempo (India)

RossDAFC - Itesalat (Ivory Coast)

George ECFC - FC Rabotnički (FYR Macedonia)

SonOfPluto - Platinum Stars (South Africa)

MrAdamski - East Bengal (South Africa?)

I have PM'ed you all that still need too pick a team, i am also about too contact antoher three managers that i feel fit the criteria, if you have any ideas on who you think should, include this in your Private Message


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