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Argentinian Forwards

Argentinian Forwards  

  1. 1.

    • Mauro Zarate
    • Ezequiel Lavezzi
    • Gonzalo Higuain
    • Lautaro Acosta

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Argentinian Forwards

Who do you personally think is the best forward out of these forwards? Taking into account potential and current form. Who is the best player on the list? I have left out Aguero and Messi purely because they would dominate this hugely and are obviously better than all these young players.But all these players are at a similar standard and age. Who is the better prospect?

Mauro Zarate, 21 Lazio rated 89

Ezequiel Lavezzi, 23 Napoli rated 90

Gonzalo Higuain, 21 Real Madrid rated 90

Lautaro Acosta, 20 Sevilla rated 89

They are all playing for large clubs in Europe. I cant see Acosta winning this due to him not playing as regular as the others.

I personaly think Higuain scrapes it ahead of Lavezzi. His current form at such a high level is undoubted and he is slightly younger.

My order:





Very close between the top three thou.


Im not sure whether a thread like this has been created yet or not but i couldn't find one when i searched.

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