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Best hangover cure?

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well since im 10 , i do know that if you have either a really strong coffe , or a full blaat espresso , dont get it form glori jeans or any of that crap , no , get it from a pure italian cafe , seeing as italians came up with coffe , and make the best , now i dont just say this cos im a wog , but i have had many pure coffes before , and they were all italian , and i was satisfied

P.S. i was exposed to italian coffee at the age of 7

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smudge is correct.

a big greasy fry-up.

the fat concentration in the fry up neutralises the acidity of the alcohol or something close to that description..eggs always seem to be involved in hangover cures.

also, chemically, resolve works for me. as soon as i've had it i throw up thus releasing the pressure and making me feel better. i'm not sure if that's how they expected it to help people though..

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Nothing gets my motor flowing like a big, hard, dump.

Once thats out your system, Im ready to take on the world.

Failing that, a bloody mary is damn fine effective hangover cure. But i won't recommend them if you don't like tomatoes.. or vodka.. or tobasco sauce...or worcester sauce.. or lemon.... or salt.. apart from that though you'll be fine.

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Ok' date=' well for those that dont know a hangover is basically a form of dehyrdation, so techically drinking fluids is the answer... but that would be boring? Any good ones?

Not that this is exciting, but pizza (normally left from my second pizza of the previous night) is a winner.[/quote']


African Hot Punch recipe

Ingredients: 4 bottles brandy

2 bottles white rum

1 gal coffee

4 lb sugar

Preparation: Pour brandy and rum into a bowl filled with the sugar. Set on fire (use extreme caution) and let the sugar dissolve. Add black coffee and stir well.

Glass: Any

Artillery Punch recipe

Ingredients: 1 qt strong black tea

1 qt rye whiskey

1 bottle red wine

1 pint Jamaican dark rum

1/2 pint brandy

1 jigger benedictine herbal liqueur

1 pint orange juice

1/2 pint lemon juice

Preparation: Combine all the ingredients in a large punch bowl with a block of ice. If found too dry, sugar syrup may be added. Decorate with twists of lemon peel.

Glass: Punch Bowl

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