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Before I get started, I don´t know if this player has ever been mentioned by anyone, I searched and I haven´t found any referral here in the SM forum so off we go! (edit: actually he was mentioned by hitchhiker_1980 along with several other players, but I decided to do a new thread anyway)(edit 2: whops, Sinny also mentioned him... hum I guess I´m the 3rd person to mention him then...)

Also this is my first ever thread about a new prospect, so be nice with the criticizing :o. Another thing, this player is NOT on the database yet.


Name: Ishmael Yartey

Nationality: Ghanian

Date of Birth: 1990-01-11 (19 years)

Position: Winger

Height: 167 cm

Weight: 69 Kg

Club: Benfica

Database status: On database, 74 rated

Ishmael Yartey is an 18 years old (will be 19 on January 11th) talented winger. He was born in Ghana and is, along with Saddick Adams and Ransford Osei, one of the "diamonds" in Ghana´s new football generation. He played in All Blacks, a local club, before joining his current club, Benfica, on a 4 year deal evolving an undisclosed fee. He became notorious after the under-17 World Cup, where his dazzling dribble skills, high speed and impressive goalscoring ability became the centre of attention in Portugal, France and Spain. Porto, Sporting and Benfica were interested in the young winger as well as Ajax, Monaco and... Barcelona, but it was Benfica that eventually managed to sign him on a 1 year loan deal with a buy option at the end of the contract. On loan to Benfica youth setup in the last year, his performances were enough for Benfica´s Sports Director Rui Costa to assign the scout Jorge Gomes to convince Ishmael´s parents to come to Portugal. Gomes was successful and Ishmael is now regarded as one of the top prospects in Portugal. His skills earned him the name of "Ghana´s Giggs" and that says pretty much everything about him. Benfica´s manager Quique Flores has already called him to train with the senior squad, but his debut with Benfica´s shirt is yet to be made.

This is a video of him that shows his skills with the Ghana´s under-17 squad:

I hope you enjoy ;)

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Re: Ishmael Yartey

nice find. looks gr8

Thank you :)

Very nice find!!!!!

Keep us updating about this dude and when he is added plz tell us coz i can't see new players in the 'New Players' section

Cheers m8!

Thanks, and sure I keep it updated and when Ishmael plays his first minutes with Benfica I´ll send a support ticket and post here :)

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Re: Ishmael Yartey

Wow, I hadn´t updated this in a while now :o. Time to do it:

Ishmael Yartey will play in Beira-Mar after joining them on a one year deal. His team mate Leandro Pimenta (http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=36253) will go with him. This will give both youngsters the opportunity to show their value in competitive matches and also to get added to the database, which would be great due to their potential :). Like I referred in Leandro Pimenta´s thread, I will accompany his progress in my thread about Portugal (link in my signature) and when he plays his first minutes I will add him, post here and close this thread as I won´t continue to publish scouting threads any more, I will rather do all of it in my Portuguese extensive thread. Keep in touch :).

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Re: Ishmael Yartey

Half decent? He is one of Ghana´s biggest prospects with caps in the lower levels of the National Team' date=' in his first professional year he is already assuming himself as one of the most important players in Beira-Mar, and you call him half decent? :confused:[/quote']

i call him half decent cos ive never heard of him never seen play so i cant say hes amazin the bees nees.

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