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Can a 4-5-1 beat a 4-4-2?


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As the title suggests I'm wondering whether a 4-5-1 formation would fair well against a flat 4-4-2. Here's the story. A friend of mine at work has a team in the same WC and the same division as mine. He's Rangers and I'm Hamburg and I would really like to beat him so I could have the bragging rights at work.:D I'm the home team in this upcoming fixture and his starting 11 has an average rating of 89 with no real flaws in any position where as my team's average is 90. His usual tactics for both home and away fixtures are as follows,

Formation: 4-4-2 Flat

Tackling style: Normal

Mentality: Attacking

Passing style: Mixed

Attacking style: Mixed

Tempo: Fast

Pressing: Own half

Counter attack: Yes

Men behind ball: No

Tight Marking: Yes

Play offside: Yes

Use Play maker: No

Use Target man: No

The tactics I was thinking of using to counter his are as follows,

Formation: 4-5-1 standard

Tackling style: Hard

Mentality: Defensive

Passing style: Short

Attacking style: Through middle

Tempo: Slow

Pressing: Own half

Counter attack: No

Men behind ball: Yes

Tight marking: No

Play offside: No

Use Play maker: Yes

Use target man: Yes

My usual tactics for home fixtures are an attacking, flat 4-4-2 with a fast tempo but I have the players to comfortably switch to a 4-5-1 with Pogrebnyak I feel the ideal CF to play upfront by himself. With the 4-5-1 tactic I would be hoping to boss the midfield, whilst playing with a defensive mentality and a slow tempo might allow my team to keep possesion of the ball and use the ball more wisely. So what do you guys think? Does the 4-5-1 tactic that I mentioned above have a good chance of working? Thank you in advance for any replies.:)

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Re: Can a 4-5-1 beat a 4-4-2?

I've had a game tonight where I was at home against a side that uses 4-4-2, for some reason (even though we're about the same ratings wise) i'd always gone 3-5-2 in the past. This time I tried 4-5-1, he only had 2% more possession than me, I had more shots at goal and on target, but lost 4-1. I'm not saying the same will happen to you, but in the future i'll only be using 4-5-1 in certain away games.

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