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English Championship 2898 -- Darlington

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English Championship 2898 / Darlington / Division 4


After Dave Penney’s sacking on 6th January 2009, Darlington appointed Shahrézal Goméz as the new manager the very next day. Shahrézal Goméz is expected to lead the team coming into this new season. Shahrézal Goméz has new plans for Darlington as he "Transfer Lists" every player in the original Darlington team.

Original Team


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Re: English Championship 2898 -- Darlington

After getting his first ever professional managerial victory just 3 days ago, Shahrézal Goméz's Darlington faces Jake Hudson's Brentford team. But sadly for Darlington, the outcome of their match was not what they expected as they failed to build on last game's victory.


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Re: English Championship 2898 -- Darlington

Now, after just 9 days of being appointed as manager of Darlington, Shahrézal Goméz has totally changed the face of Darlington Football Club. He has sold every player of the original Darlington team & have replaced them with future stars. Will Shahrézal Goméz's policy of bringing up youngsters give success to Darlington? Shahrézal Goméz knows that it definitely will. But critics are saying otherwise.

First Team


Youth Squad


Loaned Out


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Re: English Championship 2898 -- Darlington

Ever since Shahrézal Goméz historically changed the face of Darlington Football Club, critics hav e been hitting out on him saying that he is not the man for the job; especially after he infamously sold all of the genuine Darlington players which included key men Franz Burgmeier, Billy Clarke & Michael Flynn. Shahrézal Goméz is actually a very patient man but ever since news broke about him not being the right man for Darlington, it was reported that his patience was running thin with the media & has called for an exclusive interview to shed some light on his plans for Darlington.

You've just taken Darlington through 2 games & the press are already calling for you to be sacked. What do you have to say to those critics?

Shahrézal Goméz: I honestly do not know why they are calling for my head. I won one of those matches & unfairly lost the second one. I mean, how is my team going to score if you pack all 11 players in front of the goal?! That's what Brentford did in the second half after Eduardo Salvio gave us a lifeline.

Critics are also saying that you've lost your mind after selling all of Darlington's players including the key men. Any comments?

Shahrézal Goméz: The reason is simple. All of those players are not part of my plan & they will never fit into my plans. I'm looking to create a team for the future; a team that will give powerhouses, clubs in the EPL, a run for their money.

Speaking of future players, are you wrong to have brought a totally inexperienced crop of players into a team that is pushing for the league title?

Shahrézal Goméz: True they're inexperienced but everyone goes through that phase. It's only a matter of time before they gel & the results will kick in.

So, would you say that these young players at Darlington are better than the original Darlington players?

Shahrézal Goméz: Of course they're better! If they weren't, I wouldn't have bought all these players.

Frank Burgmeier, Billy Clarke & Michael Flynn was deemed as the club's key players. Now, who do you think will become a key figure for Darlington?

Shahrézal Goméz: For key players, I'm going to go with Lucas Viatri, Eduardo Salvio, Luis Chico, Juan Forlin & Valdez Efrain Juarez. But that does not mean the other players are not important: they are.

Now, do you have anything to say to those critics who claim that you're not up to the job?

Shahrézal Goméz: Nope! I'm not saying anything. I'm letting the results do all the talking.

That was the main points covered by the exclusive interview. Although there were other points covered during the interview, it will not be revealed. Now that Shahrézal Goméz has told us about his plans, will it turn out to be a success? Only time will tell.

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Re: English Championship 2898 -- Darlington

A couple of days ago, critics were hitting at Shahrézal Goméz saying that he isn't fit to be manager of Darlington. But their latest results prove that Shahrézal Goméz is more than capable of being manager of Darlington. But Shahrézal Goméz is still a long way from proving his critics wrong.

This latest results shows that Darlington are a team to be reckoned with in the Division 4 after beating unmanaged Bradford 3-0.


Shahrézal Goméz also spoke of his delight after seeing Cristaldo grabbing a brace in his first match for the club.

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Re: English Championship 2898 -- Darlington

After last night's match, Shahrézal Goméz has introduced four more signings for his team.


Of the four that he just signed, only one will play in the first team, Konstantin Rausch. The rest will be sent to the youth squad & will be loan listed. When asked why he had signed those players, his answer was.."They'll be great players in future"..

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