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Worst Hairstyles In Football

Umar "knuckles" Hayat

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Which footballers do u think has da worst hairstyle.

If u kno any footballers wiv a bad hairstyle put a pic of him on dis thread.

Here's a list of some footballers which i think have a bad hairstyle

Ronaldo _38096990_ronaldo.jpg

Carlos Valderrama carlos+valderrama

Abel Xavier abel-xavier.jpg

Kazuyuki Toda img_5.jpg

Taribo West 1477156881.jpg

David Seaman 20040114195739.jpeg

Alexi Lalas - Look at his goatee AlexiLalas1.jpg

Roberto Baggio roberto-baggio.JPG

Bakary Sagna BakarySagnaARSENAL_468x490.jpg

Carlos Puyol CarlosPuyol.jpg

Rene Higuita higuita.jpg

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Re: Worst Hairstyles In Football

Tbh' date=' Ljungberg's one above, and Sagna's are both pretty cool. They're different, but not exactly bad.

Some of these are hilarious. :D

Rofl at David James in Pic 1 and 5. :L[/quote']

sagna's hair is horrendous.


So is puyol's.p1_puyol_0519.jpg

and Sir Bobby Charlton - he's got a comb over which doesn't look gd.

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Re: Worst Hairstyles In Football

Actually Lescott was involved in a car accident at the age of 5 hence the lack of hair at the front of his head.

I think Jo's old hairstyle from CSKA Moscow and Vagner Love too.

Fellaini is by far the worst one as it actually weakens his headers. Surprised Moyes hasn't made him shave it off.

Gutierrez looks like a girl with facial hair... :P

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Re: Worst Hairstyles In Football

They're not all bad, just very original lol. Marcelinho:





http://sportard.wdr.de/sp/fussball/news200504/08/img/07_marcelinho_dpa_300.jpg (Link because I can't fit that many pictures)



You can tell he likes representing his teams:

340x.jpg (When he was playing for Wolfsburg.

55713777.jpg?v=1&c=ViewImages&k=2&d=780858ABC91EC214F76F5B03B301353BA40A659CEC4C8CB6 (When he played at Hertha BSC Berlin)

7497-marcelinho.jpg (He was playing in Germany, so the German flags colours)

HBkwfaJg_Pxgen_r_467xA.jpg[/img] (Representing his country Brazil)

I really like his style. :D It's actually pretty sick, some of them are pretty good to. Anyway he does have guys to have hair like some of those, but it made him pretty big. :)

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