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English Champ 2909 Challenge-Crystal Palace


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Hey Guys

I've decided to take on a challenge in one of the English Championships. My challenge is to make a complete squad of English players and to at no point in my managerial reign to resort to buying a foreign import. This thread is for those interested in marking my progress to well, mark my progress and as a way for me to track it myself.


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Re: English Champ 2909 Challenge-Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace Announce New Manager

Crystal Palace today announced the signing of Reece Woolmore as the new manager at the club. Woolmore has apparently adopted a new 'All English' Transfer Philosophy. He has promised Palace fans that he will search the leagues for raw English talent and attempt to make them Palace players and make a teamfull of English World Beaters that would take Palace to the top, Woolmore also reveled that the previous manager: Joe Bloggs, had brought top Spanish stars:

Fernando Morientes

Michael Salgado

Andres Palop

as well as Eidur Gudjohnsen.

Woolmore also told Palace fans that top youngsters were not for sale, and that any offers under £99 million would be rejected. Other managers in this setup will also note that Palace have announced that the following players are for sale:

Shefki Kuqi (£1 million)

Alan Lee (£3.1 million)

Craig Beattie (£2.2 million)

Leandre Griffit (£1.5 million)

Nick Carle (£2.5 million)

Paddy McCarthy (£3.8 million)

Miguel Jose Fonte (£3.9 million)

Johannes Ertl (£5 million)

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