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fifa 07 sucks big time, it's waaaaaaaaaaaaay to easy, i always win with at least scoring 4 or 5 goals. Also the free kicks /corners are more with an pes engine now, but fifa makers has made to much curve on al that, especially with the corners. Almost every free kick is goal... pfff sucks!!

can't wait for pes6 to launch and play on my 360 :D , already signed up for tournaments! the game just rocks, i know it for sure...

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i just go fifa 07 today ' date=' and its awesome , i spent 5 hours playing it , great grapihcs and i love the fact that u can create your own squad[/quote']

Me too, cracked into the created squad feature.

Manager mode is good as well, a couple of good growth players:

Lionel Messi

Cristiano Ronaldo

Fernando Torres


Arjen Robben

Petr Cech

Lucas Podolski

Carlos Tevez

(Surprised at) Mahamadou Diarra

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