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Chelsea missing Essien?


Chelsea missing Essien?  

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    • Yes - it's there for all to see, I agree.
    • Maybe - the other players should adapt, and work around these things.
    • No - he isn't that good, Scolari has the tactics wrong.

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Now I know people are probably sick of hearing about Chelsea's huge drop in form and by the looks of it... confidence aswell. I know people are barking on about how Scolari probably isn't a day-to-day manager and I can agree to a certain extent, he looks a bit out of his depth in the Premier League and a move to Spain or Italy first may have been a better option than to jump straight into the Premier League, but money talks we all know that.

But.. after watching Chelsea on several occasions over the last few games I just think they are missing the solidarity, consistency and drive from Essien. Ok, Mikel is a decent player - granted. But he is no where near the level of Essien and he gives players such as Ballack, Deco and of course Lampard the freedom those types of players need to be dangerous and mount attacks. But since he has been out I just don't see any of the dangerous Chelsea anymore. Lampard will create on his own, and his performance against Stoke on Saturday (all be it they were lucky) was a performance to be admired by any football 'wanna be'. He was up and down the field like a robot, and let's not push the truth aside, he is getting on so to speak now, but even Lampard's game and construction towards attacks and his ability to roam into the penalty area and get goal's seems to be lacking a tad as he seems to be having to do more of a 'central midfield' job without the grit, determination and reliability of Essien behind.

This is my view, what do you lot think?

Ps, yes I know it's been a long time again but I've just had a career change and haven't really had time. Hello all ;)

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