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SM Fifa League (xbox360)

SM Fifa League (xbox360)  

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Re: SM Fifa League (xbox360) Ronaldo and Messi have training ground bust up Reports are flying all over today about a bust up between Man Utd's superstars Ronaldo and Messi. Both of them play a g

Re: SM Fifa League (xbox360) Arsenal claimed there second victory of the season against a strong Newcastle United side managed by Dan Payne, the game started off well for Arsenal, and they broke th

Re: SM Fifa League (xbox360) Chelsea 0 - 4 Liverpool The game was 0-0 until the 43rd minute with both sides looking solid in defense. Liverpool then opened the scoring through Torres with a d

Re: SM Fifa League (xbox360)

I'll play whoever i'm suppose to anytime tomorrow if they're up for it but one thing i have to say is my fifa disc sometimes crashes but very rarely like 2/3 times outta 50 so don't moan if your winning and it crashes. I hope it doesn't but i can't guarantee it won't so if it does crash if your winning just make that the final result i guess.

Having trouble find u GT so please can you add



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Re: SM Fifa League (xbox360)

I have updated the league table and processed whatever bids people had in.

Now everyone had a chance to bid for the players they wanted and the rush is over I will put transfers through as soon as I see them and update the table etc.

if anyone see's any errors in the table, or if I have missed a result please let me know

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Re: SM Fifa League (xbox360)

Arsenal3-0 Chelsea

shocking defending tbh all goal came in the first 30 Min's where my defenders where just asleep awfull awfull goals

Goals one and three was horrible defending, goal two was pretty nice.

Adebayor is a beast!

Neller can i now release another three players to make cash?

Thank you.

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Re: SM Fifa League (xbox360)

Maybe had a bearing on the price they were released for but Blackburn's Samba and Warnock are rated 77 each, and not 84 each as the site suggests.


Gonna release a few of my players, and buy my new CB later on :).

Can't play any games tonight as I have studying to do, but I shall try and get a few played tomorrow ;).

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Re: SM Fifa League (xbox360)

I can play some games today so if DrummerKen sees this just invite me to a game if i am online.Also Zaki is for sale if anybody wants him.

I can't play any games yet mate, as my xbox is away getting fixed. I'll be behind in fixtures but will catch up...

Also, if no good offer for Berbatov comes in tonight, I may have to release him.

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Re: SM Fifa League (xbox360)

Liverpool beat Sunderland 5-2 at the stadium of light to keep there 100% record start to the season.

Torres opened the scoring straight from kick off with a dazzling run, Sunderland then equalised when Carragher and Reina clashed.

Liverpool then went 4-1 up, before Cisse scored the goal of the match for Sunderland after a brilliant back heel to set him up.

Liverpool then scored a 5th, the scoreline was harsh on Sunderland and if Sunderlands forwards had the speed on Fifa as they do in real life Sunderland would have had a few more goals them selves.

..in other news.

Reira (10mil), Arbeloa (10mil), and Lucas Leiva (7mil) are all for sale, 1st come 1st serve.

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