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Houtan Delfi - Big young talent from Australia


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I have been training and playing with and against this guy for 2 years now, and I can tell you he is the real deal.


Name: Houtan Delfi

Age: 16

Club: Canterbury Bankstown Berries and FK Vojvodina

Status: Not on DB (and probably not for a little while anyway)

Position: CM/AM

REAL Madrid and Barcelona, two of the world's biggest football clubs, are chasing 15-year-old Houtan Delfi.

Houtan, of Chatswood, flies out next month to trial with the Spanish giants, plus another Primera Liga side, Valencia, and Serbia's Red Star Belgrade.

And Barcelona where Brazilian superstar Ronaldinho earns $38 million a year is Houtan's club of choice.

"I'd most like to get a contract with Barcelona because they're my second most favourite team, after English Premier League club Arsenal," Houtan said.

Houtan was first spotted by selectors at age 12, when he trialled in Germany for Hertha Berlin and Bayern Munich.

"Hertha Berlin offered me a scholarship but, because I was only 12, my parents would have had to relocate to Germany with me and they couldn't do that," he said.

Now that Houtan is about to turn 16, it's a whole new ball game.

"If I'm offered a contract I can move over there by myself now because I'm a grown-up in football,'' he said.

Houtan's coach of five years is FIFA-recommended Dusan ``Darcy'' Purac, a former Yugoslav professional.

``Darcy has got connections with all the big agents overseas,'' Houtan's father Albert said. ``And they're interested in trialling Houtan.''

Houtan, who started playing football at age six, said he had been dreaming of this chance for years.

``Besides my nerves, I'm feeling good not many people get this kind of an opportunity,'' he said.

``I'm pretty confident I can get a contract.''

Houtan's private trainer Paul Goulding has given him a few positive words to take overseas to help him battle his nerves.

``I just tell myself that I can do it and that I'm the best like Muhammad Ali used to do,'' Houtan said.

Last year Houtan played for the Canterbury Bankstown Berries in the Super Youth League and he plays for his Chatswood school St PiusX College.

Last year he trialled in (former) yugoslavia and was invited back by FK Vojvodina who have offered him a contract. He was also invited back by Barcelona and Valencia. He has great touch and a very powerful shot and is rated very highly by football commentator Les Murray.

Probably wont be added to the DB anytime soon, but keep an eye on him. (unless of course he gets a cap very quickly and SM are nice;) )

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Re: Houtan Delfi - Big young talent from Australia

Nothing i remember playing against them when i was younger. Manly thats alright your first grade nearly won it last season

lol:D close but no cigar. Our first team is pretty good tho' date=' so I don't reckon I'm gonna break into the first 11

Failure though.....:o

[center']~~BACK ON TOPIC~~[/center]

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