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Fifa 09 Wii tournament

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Re: Fifa 09 Wii tournament

Is FIFA any good on Wii?

I didn't realise there was one, so I got PES for xmas (I always get FIFA for PS). And the gameplay is awful. Too easy on the hardest level (on the ball), yet impossible to tackle.

And barely any teams, the ratings are shocking (done by stars, and when Reina is one star higher than Casillas, and Albelda higher than Xavi, you know something is wrong...). Not proper Prem teams either.

How is that fun?

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Re: Fifa 09 Wii tournament

Am in Buddy' date=' so I can pwn you competitively :D

and Sefty, its worth getting, its good fun online pwning george :D[/quote']

Albinoleffe (one crippled defender for 40 minutes) 2-1 Torino :P

I'd say it's worth getting Luke, would rather have it over PES and as Sam says, online is great

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