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New Custom Setup.


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I have renewed and have a custom waiting to be made still thinking of a format state your interest its going to be smaller clubs not premier league or anything so tell me whats your favourite small club.

1.Queensland Roar - R.B.C

2.Beijing Guoan - Nick Justice

3.Kettering - Dobstar 95

4.Plymouth/Accrington - Tecalee

5.Derby County - Gunner!4eva

6.Vojovdina - DrSeanFitz

7.Ajax Cape Town - My dad non forumer :P

8.Houston Dynamo - Futbol Priest

9.Newcastle Jets - Oghash

10.FK Partizan/FC Vaduz - Sambalele

Thanks guys!

Transfer Thread - http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?p=502121#post502121

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Re: New Custom Setup.

I wouldn't put those teams from Asia etc in your GW unless you're prepared for them to be unmanaged most of the time. I recently made a custom with teams like Urawa, Beijing, Pachuca, Kashima, Al Ahly, LDQ etc in it but nobody has ever joined to manage them. I even made a thread here too. They're still empty 2 weeks later even though none of them have been touched (no buying from unmanaged). :(

All the clubs with 'big' names were taken within seconds. Search the GW's for FIFA Ultimate League to see what I mean and what teams NOT to use. ;)

Good luck. :D

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