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Wigan- Premier League Winners w/o any 90s?

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Well, as the title says, My Little Wigan Athletic is just 90 minutes away from an unprecedented Div 1 title! Not boasting, but just too happy for words (currently- hope it will be the same or even better 3 days later).

Took Wigan right from the creation of the setup, wanted to make a Egyptian National Team(Zaki) initially, bud did not in the end.Currently, Im leading 2nd Manchester United by 3 points with an inferior goal difference. Hope to lead Wigan to Div 1 glory without the help of ANY single 90 rated or above, either on loan or otherwise.

Screenshot of the table T37


My Squad(evidence:D )


My last match is against Stoke, who are managerless, while Manchester United faces WBA.

My Squad Link

In any case, even if i lose and Man U win, a Runners-Up place is still very good, Imo. Wish me luck for the Last game, and do not flame me for this post.

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Re: Wigan- Premier League Winners w/o any 90s?

Hmm' date=' 3-4-1-2.[/quote']

I love 3-4-1-2 and my Boca have been thriving on it and currently sit 4th in D1, behind Barcelona, Milan and Anderlecht. But your achievment is much better as it's hard to get a Wigan so high with their lack of funding and high rated players so I respect you for that. :)

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Re: Wigan- Premier League Winners w/o any 90s?

WELL, WIGAN ARE OFFICIALLY THE PREMIER LEAGUE CHAMPIONS FOLLOWING A 2-2 DRAW AGAINST STOKE CITY!(My first home draw of the seasons comes in the final match of the season

This results sees them win the title 1 point ahead of Manchester United, who won WBA 3-0 convincingly. And whos the hero? Its Emile Heskey, who plundered in a 86th minute equaliser.

The match that clinched the title.


The final League Table


Hope to have decent budget as chairman investment next season. Currently, my budget is around 29m now.

Anyway, this is my squad

Well, thanks all for the words of encouragement and taking time off to view this small thread.

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