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Will Arsenal fans finally listen? :)


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Re: Will Arsenal fans finally listen? :)

As one of those Arsenal fans that respects Wenger to the upmost but remains annoyed at some of his transfer policy i believe my opinion should be counted in this debate.

We all love Wenger' date=' hes a transfer god. In the last 5 seasons Arsenal have the most points per net cash spent (becuase of sales weve only spent around 16 million in 5 years! Chelsea have spent 300 million :P).

And please 0 god, let the Arshavin transfer collapse...the guys ridicoulously over-rated. Plus, we already have Van Persie to link the midfield and attack. Arshavin is filling a hole we dont have and dont need. Then again 15 million is not bad baring in mind how much Darren bent went for not long ago *cough* Tottenham *cough*. We shouldt pay more - well done Wenger.

However, its instances where for example David Villa (:D) . Offered himself a wage cut to come and play for us, and he would have only cost around 30 million. Take the 15 million of money thats due to be wasted on Arshavin, Sell Bentdner, sell Eboue, loan out a few players for loan fees, ask the chairman for a bit, sell Adebayour for 30 million even (Milan were offering!). And we have one of the worlds top strikers with agreeable wages....Cmon, Y not?!? :rolleyes: [/quote']

Well mate all i can say is that your players have not been answered :P. Zenit have confirmed that Arshavin has moved to Arsenal: http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,11095_4890692,00.html

Well, what you say does make sense. But there are two this that i would like to point out. Firstly, Arshavin is not over-rated. Now i do not see that Russian league but i did see him play for Russia in the Euro's, and boy did he play well. The guy was brilliant. He was the only reason the Russia beat Holland. He was amazing in every single game except the game against Spain. ;) Secondly all you arsenal fans are going on about how you don't need him, but personally i feel that you do. There have been quite a few games this season where arsenal's attack has failed to break down the opposition defence (and of much weaker teams), so i feel that you guys could really do with a player like Arshavin. ;)

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