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Realx7madrid's La Liga Prediction


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Barcelona FC


Victor Valdes (91) --> 90 --> Has been performing really poor of late. Although I think Barcelona as a whole are performing amazingly, Valdes would be one of the likely candidates to discontinue this flow. And so he has

Jose Pinto (87) --> 86 --> Should really drop he was purchased because of his potential to be the backup goalie to Valdes. But Jorquera has taken his spot.

Albert Jorquera (84) --> 84/85 --> He has played more than Pinto and should overtake him as the second keeper, I don't think they will swap ratings just yet.


Sylvinho (88) --> 88 --> Playing at Barcelona he has had enough starts to retain his rating but not much more. Hasn't been a key piece in the defense. As expected.

Eric Abidal (94) --> 93/94 --> Since coming back from injury he has been great. I am not really convinced that he is the top LB in the world, so a drop to 93 would be fair. But I don't know if SM will drop a player who starts on a team that is performing as Barcelona is.

Daniel Alves (94) --> 95 --> I really think Daniel Alves is ATM the best RB in the world, he is not only phenomenal on defense, but also an amazing attacker, defensively Maicon is only slightly better, attacking Daniel Alves is far better.

Gerrard Pique (88) --> 89/90 --> He has been Barcelona's 3rd Center back, but although this may be deceiving he is almost sharing starts with Rafael Marquez, I believe he deserves a small rise.

Rafael Marquez (93) --> 93/94 --> Yet again another great season of performances from the Mexican International. He has recaptured his old form and along with Puyol forms among the best if not the best defensive partnership in the world. If not now then at the end of the season should rise to 94.

Gabriel Milito (93) --> 92 --> He is a class defender but undoubtedly will drop due to his long injury, like countless other players (eduardo, v.persie, etc).

Martin Caceres (89) --> 89/88 --> Has not been featuring regularly for Barcelona and this has to take a toll on his rating. I think he is one of the best defenders for the future, but needs to move teams if he seeks minutes.


Xavi Hernandez (96) --> 97 --> There is no question on my mind that the 5'7 Spanish CM is as good as Gerrard if not better. He also came in the Top 5 players of the year. Named best player of the Euro. And also performing greatly in La Liga. Need I say any more?

Seydou Keita (92) --> 92/93 --> He is a brilliant player, and I am sure that he will rise to 93 by the end of this season, but I don't think this time around he will rise. Needs a little more time, and you will see him rise.

Toure Yaya (92) --> 92--> Yes when he gets on the field he performs well, but I don't see him up to the Keita standard. Both are good players, but If I was to tip anyone for a 93 by the end of the season it would be Keita. Although I think Yaya is a better player.

Sergio Busquets (85) --> 87/88 --> Has formed a very important part of the Barcelona midfield, playing only slightly less than Keita and Toure, this time around an 88. If he continues to play as many minutes and as well as he is a 90 is for sure.

Iniesta (95) --> 95 --> I would have tipped him for a 96 if he would have not been injured, but his injury will have to hold him to his current rating for a while. Although will be back in about a week.

Hleb (93) --> 92 --> Really has not been playing, and when he has it has been anything but impressive. His play does not seem to fit, and whenever he goes out, it seems he is doing his own thing. Personally I think he will drop, this will cause quite a stir up between many forumers.

Victor Sanches (80) --> 81 --> Has played a little this season, a very small rise would be fair.


Eider Gudjonsen (89) --> 89/90 --> Has been playing quite well when he is called up. I think he might rise to a 90 this time or next time around. Has performed very well of late.

Messi (97) --> 98 --> In my opinion as good as Ronaldo if not better. He should rise to a 98. He has everything goalscoring, dribble, vision, assist. He can do it all, and many times Barcelona's outcome depends on how he plays throughout the game.

Sameul Eto'o (96) --> 96/97 --> If not now then by the end of the season the Cameroonian superstar will hit a 97. I am sure of it, only a matter of time. His goalscoring record speaks for itself.

Henry (95) --> 95 --> I am really tempted to put down a 96. But I can't see the Henry that once played for Arsenal, so I am going to stick for a 95. He has been performing really well though. Definitely not a drop.

Bojan Krikc (89) --> 89/88 --> Guardiola is safeguarding his future star, this might just result in a drop of his rating. This does not mean go out and sell him. It is just quite difficult to break into a Barcelona starting XI with Eto'o Messi and Henry playing fantastically, and Gudjonsen doing his part as well.



Sevilla FC


Andres Palop (91) --> 92 --> SM seem to be really odd with their rating of Goalkeepers. He is spain's third goalkeeper. But I am sure that for any other nation but Spain and Italy he would be undoubtly the starting goalkeeper. Incredibly underrated like Shay Given. Really deserves a rise to 92, no doubt in my mind.

Javi Varas (81) --> 81 --> Not much change, should really stay the same, not anything knew from the spanish back up keeper. Like any back up keeper.


Fernando Navarro (90) --> 90/91 --> Really this guy is skilled. Seeing as Capdevila is about to hit 31. Navarro will be an obvious future international for Spain. He has been playing really well this season, and I think that in these or next changes he should hit 91.

Jose Crespo (81) --> 82 --> A very small rise for this player, has not done much for Sevilla but has put in a very small amount of minuntes. Not seen much from him, but minutes give him a small rise.

Abdoulay Konko (89) --> 89 --> Has been playing just enough to see him keep his rating. The odd thing is that he really should be playing more as he is a very skilled player. Watch out for this guy, although no rise for now.

Julien Escude (92) --> 92 --> Sevilla is playing really well overall, and this reflects from the defense up. We can see that the french defender is playing really well, and almost always. He should keep his rating.

Squillaci (92) --> 92/93 --> Same case as Escude his performances have been parallel. Just Squillaci has played more minutes. I think Squillaci's play overall has edged out many other 92 defenders, and I can see him rising at the end of the season.

Ivica Dragutinovic (90) --> 89 --> Not seen him play as much as he used to play, and this might bring him to a drop, he ha fallen out of favor, the two french center backs are now the favorites.

Javier Navarro (89) --> 88 --> I only see the ex-spanish international dropping further in ratings. He is sort of a michel salgado case last season. Not michel salgado this season who has played more. Navarro has not featured for Sevilla.

Aqui Mosquera (89) --> 89 --> Another player that has put in minutes, but neither has he played enough, or impressed to deserve a rise. Should stay at his current rating.

Fred Fazio (87) --> 87 --> A player to watch for the future, but at the moment Sevilla has tones of defenders and not really playing as much as his skill tells us. But surely a player to watch.


Adriano Correia (91) --> 91--> Playing really well this season, and he also has the numbers to show. He really deserves a rise, and a very underrated player in my opinion. But not getting enough minutes. Once he does he will rise.

Diego Capel (90) --> 90 --> If we were rating him on skill, then he would be a 95+, but the fact is that he has been injured and not played enough minutes. Should keep his rating though.

Jesus Navas (91) --> 92/93 --> I am not sure why they took his rating of 92 a while back. But he is one of the best wingers in the world. I see him hitting 94/95 in the future, he really is great. Can't say enough about him. Deserves to rise and even further.

Tom De Mul (86) --> 86/85 --> I do not like this kid. Not skilled, not quick, not very hard working. Has nothing going for him, Sevilla has noticed this and does not play him, unless they are winning by quit a bit.

Romaric (90) --> 90/91 --> Deserves a rise, a great player, and a real battler in the midfield. Should get a small rise, he is as good as Keita in my opinion. Rock in the midfield.

Dirnei Renato (90) --> 91/90 --> Has played a decent amount, but for his position he ha scored quit a bit of goals. I think he deserves a rise, but SM will disagree for sure. So take your choice.

Aldo Duscher (89) --> 89 --> Another player who in my opinion is crud. Not good defensively, can't pass the ball. The whole package. But he has played a lot and SM will only see that and could possibly give him a rise. I don't think he deserves to rise into the 90's block.

Enzo Maresca (90) --> 90 --> Plays a lot, score a bit, and does his job. Nothing spectacular but should keep his rating.

Lauturo Acosta (89) --> 89 --> I have seen him play in several games and he impressed me. Has not played enough to rise though. Should stay the same.


Javier Chevanton (88) --> 87 --> With Kanoute and Luis Fabiano in front of you it is difficult to break into the starting XI, he should keep his rating though. Just has not played enough I see a drop soon

Arouna Kone (88) --> 88 --> Has played more than than Chevanton, and also better. Should not rise of drop.

Luis Fabiano (93) --> 94 --> Luis Fabiano is the best CF along with Torres in the world, really should not be rated a 93. Starter for Brazil. Now name me an attacking player on Brazil's starting line up that is not 94+, can't. He will recapture his form this season so I'll put him down for 94.

Kanoute (94) --> 94 --> He is much more than a CF. Unlike Fabiano he brings more to the game than just finishing. He is the most skilled CF, might not be the most prolific, but I think he is the most skilled, he can do it all, cross, dribble, play create. Monster of a player. Sevilla should have and attacking partnership of 94 - 94



Valencia FC


Renan Brito (88) --> 90 --> Has been the first choice keeper at Valencia since the start of the season, as well as the Brazilian goalkeeper for the Olympics. By the end of the season he will hit a 91, he has not only played, but also played really well.

Vicente Guata (75) --> 80 --> No where can I see any stats of him playing a single game, but I remember seeing him play in a cup game or two. Ofcourse if SM do watch soccer then he can't possibly get a rise. Revised due to BenReado


Emiliano Moretti (91) --> 91 --> Been playing a lot for Valencia, and at the same time playing really well. I don't see a rise because he is not Capdevila standard, but still a good LB.

Asier Del Horno (88) --> 88 --> Was playing really well until he got injured. After that he has not had many minutes. I see him rising in the future, but not now.

Luis Miguel (92) --> 92 --> With so many great RB's in the world, Miguel is forgotten. Not up there with the big three, but certainly can hold his own, will not drop.

Curro Torres (82) --> 80 --> He has not been playing, and has basically retired from soccer while remaining in the team. Sell quickly because he will continue to drop.

Raul Albiol (92) --> 92/93 --> I have put down a 93 because if valencia do really well this season he could rise, but not right now. He is a good player, and future starting spanish CB.

Marchena (91) --> 91 --> Should have seen a rise for his performances in the Euro, but now that he is currently injured he will not rise. Good defender right here.

Alexis Ruano (89) --> 89/90 --> Long term injury stopped his increase in rating, but I think his performance was well above that of an 89, I would raise his rating even though he is injured.


Vicente Rodriguez (89) --> 89/90 --> Ex-Ballon d'Or candidate has never been the same after his injuries. I still could see him rise as he is playing really well this season, and having the minutes to back that up, scores a lot of goals for the time given.

Joaquin (91) --> 92 --> Really a great player, and has recaptured his form, I see him coming back into the Spanish national team. He really should rise as his performances have been great down the right flank.

Ruben Baraja (89) --> 89/90 --> Has played more than Vicente but has not been as impressive, still deserves a rise, because Vicente would be a starting winger at many other top clubs but Valencia, they have probably the best assortment of Wingers.

Manuel Fernandes (89) --> 90 --> Has been a starter for Valencia since the beginning and has been impressing everyone who watches Valencia. The Kid is really good.

Edu Cesar (88) --> 88 --> Has not played much this season, and has not done anything to increase. He is good enough to stay though. Getting old.

David Albelda (93) --> 93/94 --> If anyone watches Valencia play you can see that Albelda, even with his age, is still an IMMENSE DM, I rate him among the best. Ofcourse he should only go up to 94 if someone like Xabi Alonso goes up as well. David Albelda is not only great technically but also incredibly physical. He should rise now or at the end of the season (*controversial).

Hedwiges Maduro (88) --> 88 --> An aldo duscher type of player, not good enough to play at valencia, and really disappointing overall. Not a good player and a stupid buy on Valencia's part.

David Silva (92) --> 92/93 --> I think his injury might hold him back, but look yesterday was his debut from injury, and he scored, twice. This guy is magic and surely will be a future world class player. If he continues to play at the EURO08 pace then he will rise.

Juan Mata (89) --> 90/91 --> Same case as Manuel Fernandes, but also scores. He is a great player, and another reason the Real Madrid board should all be fired. Another amazing Valencia Winger.

Miguel Angulo (89) --> 89/88 --> Will not rise, but has played a bit, the remnants of a very good player. Might drop because he is not getting nearly enough minutes.

Pablo Hernandez (88) --> 88 --> Not that great of a player, and picked the worst position to be on a Valencia squad , (W).


David Villa (95) --> 95/96 --> I would put him to a 96, because there really should be no argument that he is among the top forwards in the world. If not take a look at the Euro. He is pure magic. By the end of the season if SM don't put him to a 96 I might just quit.

Fernando Morientes (89) --> 89 --> I wish the player that once was at Madrid still existed, but Morientes has never recaptured that form. Sad because he was a great player, will not rise or drop, because he has been quit good in the cups and europe, but not enough minutes in league.

Next: Real Madrid



Real Madrid CF


Casillas (96) --> 96/97 --> Personally with Buffon injured, I don't see why Casillas can not be the only 96, and if Buffon is to stay, then Casillas should rise to 97. Not only did he have a spectacular last season, and incredible Euro, but in the last two games he has recaptured his form. Personally this is a must, as Casillas is really the worlds best #1.

Jerzy Dudek (85) --> 85 --> A few sub appearances here and there, no change.

Jordi Codina (82) --> 82 --> Remain same


Marcelo Viera (90) --> 89 --> Although he has had playing time, he has been horrendous at back, not Real Madrid caliber, and Heinze is a much better option. Disappointing.

Heinze Gabi (92) --> 92 --> Remain the same, a solid defensive player, not good moving up, but good at what he does, should stay.

Michel Salgado (88) --> 89 --> He has played a few games this season, and has played really well when called on. I think he deserves a rise, should be on par with Marcelo.

Miguel Torres (89) --> 89/88 --> Not playing this season much at all, and this should be reflected in a drop.

Sergio Ramos (95) --> 95 --> Still an incredible player, had a bad start to the season, but he has never dropped really to an appalling level, should remain the same.

Metzelder Christoph (89) --> 89/90 --> Not a rise now for sure, but seeing as Ramos likes playing him, I would not see a 90 counted out for the season.

Pepe (93) --> 94 --> I think this player desreves a 94 if not more. Among the most solid defenders in the world, just watching him play brings security to the defense. I really don't know what you can say about this player. Is he not as good as Carragher, Toure Kolo, and certainly he is better than Gallas.

Cannavaro Fabio (95) --> 95/94 --> Could face a possible drop, but I don't think it is likely, he has been actually quite good, and the ex-player of the year is not down to the level of 94 just yet.


Drenthe (88) --> 89 --> Really should see a rise, not a player that I like personally, but he has been a bright light in Real Madrid's weak start (there are 3rd not that bad).

Lass (90) --> 90 --> No change.

Mahamoudou Diarra (94) --> 93 --> Injured and will drop.

Daniel Parejo (80) --> 80 --> No Change

Javi Garcia (87) --> 87/86 --> Same case as Miguel Torres

De La Red (90) --> 89 --> His heart problem is unknown, we shall see if he ever gets back on pace, he was amazing player in the making.

Gago (91) --> 91/92 --> Great DM, and personally he is the most technically gifted DM in the world. The only problem is argentina have both Mascherano and Cambiasso, amazing DM's. This kid is still amazing, should rise now or later.

Guti (92) --> 92/91 --> I don't know what keeps him at 92? Not a solid player, inconsistent, does get playing time but shows nothing to prove he deserves more. Pretty boy status.

Sneijder (94) --> 94 --> Has not had a brilliant season, due to injury and the like. He could hit a 95 if he plays to his ability, but not this time around.

Van Der Vaart (94) --> 94/93 --> Not the player he was at the start of the season. Really disappointing towards the middle of the season. If he continues to play like this towards the end of the season a drop is certain. He has the ability, he is just not showing it.

Robben (92) --> 93 --> Amazing player, and his ability is out of this world. I think if he can stay of the injuries he can be a 96+ player for the future. His play is so similar to Messi's. I see good things for Robben, but a rise for sure now.

Miguel Palanca (75) --> 80 --> An appearance here and there, and I am sure he will get a few more, that is why I put him to 80.


Saviola (88) --> 88/87 --> Played maybe 120 minutes top this season, and am sure with the coming in of Hunter, he will get less playing time. Might drop.

Higuain (90) --> 92/91 --> Really he should rise by two, he was incredible last season, and this season he has been even better. I think if Aguero got this sort of rise for the same play, he should as well.

Raul (95) --> 95 --> Will not discuss, my opinions on him are obvious, and he will stay the same.

Ruud V Nist (96) --> 95 --> Injury will put him down to a 95, although he should have possibly been a 97 before injury. People just get old.

Huntelaar (92) --> 92 --> No Change.

No Change

Rise Up

Rating Down



Villarreal FC


Deigo Lopez (90) --> 91 --> No real club can succeed without a quality keeper. Villareal is no exception, magnificient keeper, and fully deserves a rise. I would see a 92 fair for the end of the season, because he is an immensely underrated goalkeeper.

Viera Sebastian (88) --> No Change --> No change as he is a decent second keeper, stay the same.


Joan Capdevila (92) --> 93 --> Really can Villareal be as successful as they are without a strong team? They are incredibly underrated as a whole and SM need to start watching their games. An incredible defender as well as really good going up. I think he is only a bit below Evra, and Evra will rise, Capdevila deserves a +1.

Angel Lopez (90) --> 90 --> Should keep his rating, one of the few players that SM has rated properly for Villarreal.

Javi Venta (88) --> 89 --> Quality defender despite his age, should increase in rating by 1. Gets a lot of minutes and is great for a 33 year old. End of season possible 90.

Diego Godin (90) --> 90/91 --> Great prospect for the future, but I have not seen him excel as expected, will certainly get a 91 though as Villarreal overall pick up the performance towards the end. Small chance of a 91 though.

Gonzalo Rodriguez (90) --> 90 --> Has been a good solid defender, not an erratic performance, sticks to his 90.

Fuentes Fabricio (89) --> 89/88 --> Playing less than Venta as well as playing worse. Has been brilliant at moments but at times he is the one causing the problems. A drop might be possible later on.

Pascal Cygan (88) --> 87 --> Complete shell of his former self, not what he used to be, and I expect him to drop intensely by the end of the season.


Ruben Cani (90) --> 90/89 --> Has not featured a lot for Villarreal and thus could suffer a drop soon. Has been great but not enough playing time.

Eguren (89) --> 90 --> One of Villarreal's most important players, and deserves a rise, the Uruguayan international is great.

Marcos Senna (94) --> 94/95 --> A great midfielder and it took Villarreal and the Euro for SM to notice this. Again he should rise to 95 now or at the end of the season, if not, SM will be an outrage. Again he is not a flashy player, and Essien with more technique and less physical presence.

Pires (91) --> 91/92 --> Should rise now or later, he is a great player, and reminds me of the Pires of Arsenal, great player, and so clutch to Villareal.

Ibagaza (91) --> 92 --> Same condition as Pires, but playing even better than Pires. If he doesn't rise I don't know who deserves it. PLaying brilliant football. Should be on the same level as Cazorla, has been playing better than Santi though.

Mati Fernandes (89) --> No Change .

Santi Cazorla (92) --> 92 --> I don't really think Cazorla has been special since the Euro, and is kind of letting Villa down a little. Should stay the same honestly. I don't like his way of play, but I see he has potential and can still impress, not as good as Navas though.


Nihat (92) --> 91/92 --> Not playing enough, and injury has stalled him, class player, but an embarrassing start to the year. He is coming back to his form, and I can see him scoring a few goals and proving an important player, this is pending closer approaching of the rating changes

Rossi (90) --> 91 --> One step down from Higuain, but still should rise by one. Has been really good this season as well, but his goals have not been coming in as they used to. Still warrants a small rise

Llorente (89) --> 90--> Big game player, scoring goals, and playing well should rise. He is scoring goals when Villa need him to, and certainly deserves an increase in rating

Altidore (85) --> 86 --> Small rise, not playing much, but a little rise would be good. Has shone promise, and is certainly a player one should look out for the future, but at the moment he has a lot of class forwards ahead of him



Atletico De Madrid CF


Leo Franco (90) --> 91 --> Great keeper, and is keeping out Coupet from starting. Class keeper, although Atletico Madrid constantly attempt to get a better keeper. Still fairly young, although I am sure Atletico will again attempt to bring in a replacement keeper as Coupet has failed to impress.

Gregory Coupet (91) --> 90 --> Not playing well and not playing enough. Franco has taken his spot and has fallen out of favor with Aguirre. A flop of La Liga and surely will drop. I had high hopes of him, not really proving his class in goal.


ANTONIO LOPEZ (91) --> 90/91 --> Might drop not playing enough in an Atletico side that is underperforming on a whole. Not favored among Aguirre's starting XI. A good defender but not proving it. High chance for a drop.

PERNIA Mariano (90) --> 91 --> Great defender and the ex-spanish international should rise to 91. He has been playing really well. I would be biased to say otherwise. I still can't the fact that Messi destroyed him in the Cup game, but what can you do, it's Messi.

SEITARIDIS (90) --> 90 --> Played a fair amount, but not really impressed, and immense lack of pace, and not really technically gifted either. But he gets the job done. Decent player shouldn't change.

UJFALUSI Tomás (92) --> 92 --> Very strong and immense defender. Top class player, and if Atletico pick up the pace, I could see him hitting 93 by the end of the season. Again playing a lot and great defender.

HEITINGA John (91) --> 91 --> Playing well but has yet to fully adapt to the spanish game. Hopefully he does and returns the to form he had in AJAX, another great defender, just needs to pick up the pace.

PEREA Luis (91) --> 92 --> What a player, Ray Hudson agrees as well. Lightning quick, great class, and technically gifted. The best colombian player, I would put him ahead of Cordoba. Will rise, CLASS!

PABLO Ibáñez (90) --> 90/89 --> Not playing, thats his problem good chance of a drop, Atletico have an immense base of defenders who are mostly equal class besides Perea and Ujfalusi.


MAXI RODRIGUEZ (93) --> 94 --> Need I say anything about this player. He is top class and deserves to rise, has done everything to deserve a rise, and is a step above of players like Joe Cole, Quaresma etc. Really great player.

RAUL GARCIA (91) --> 91/90 -->Decent player, playing quite a bit, but nothing special really. One of those lifetime 91/90 players. Don't see much potential in this guy.

MANICHE, Nuno (91) --> 92/91 --> Better than Raul Garcia and performing quite well, might rise now, but certainly will later. Great player, although certainly not what he used to be.

MIGUEL DE LAS CUEVAS (84) --> 85 --> Has played here and there, has been very impressive tho. Great prospect for the future, one of the best Spain and Atletico have to offer.

PAULO ASSUNCAO (91) --> 92/91 --> Same as Maniche, but the defensive side, whenever the one rises so should the other.

EVER BANEGA, Maximiliano (88) --> Immensely dissapointing, and IMO highly OVERRATED, not worth getting, and I know he is young, but should be shipped back to Boca.

SIMAO, Sabrosa (93) --> 94/93 --> Atletico have a great pair of wingers, and Simao is no exception. Has been playing better than ever, ot atleast better than I have ever seen. Certainly a quality player, should rise this time, but SM might be stingy because of Atletico's recent string of poor performances.

LUIS GARCIA, Javier (90) --> 89/90 --> = Jose Reyes, need I say anything else?


Aguero (94) --> 94 --> Has been very poor recently, but think about it, he is only 20. Great player, don't need to write much on him except that he is having a good season but still have come up against a dry spot.

Diego Forlan (93) --> 94 --> Heavily underrated, how can you have players like Mutu and Tevez and not have Forlan on the same level. Diego Milito and Deigo forlan should both move to 94, the play world class football on teams not up to their standards.

Sinama Pongolle (89) --> 89/90 --> Has not played much but is scoring a lot for the time he is given, should be given a chance then he will certainly see a rise.




Deportivo De La Coruña


Aranzubia (87) --> 88 --> Great keeper and not really sure why he is so low a rating. He plays a key role in Deportivo's great run of form and fully deserves a rise in my opinion. Great Keeper.

Munua (82) --> 82 --> Back up keeper, controversies, a decent goalkeeper, but an Uruguayan international.


Filipe (88) --> 89 --> Has featured in basically all Deportivo's games and from what I have seen he is a very good young LB, also brazilian, but he was not the one labeled as the next Roberto Carlos...

Manuel Pablo (88) --> Dependable for a team like Deportivo, but nothing really special. Should keep his rating, although he has also featured a lot, I don't see him being the key to the centerback's holding.

Barragan (85) --> 85/84 --> This kid is class, a real gem, but he has not had the oportunity to play for Deportivo on a consistent basis, might experience a drop. Good play in the makings tho.

Alberto Lopo (88) --> 89 --> As I was saying Pablo is not the key to the CB's holding in Depor. This guy certainly is. Such an immense defender and is holding it down for Depor. He should see a rise, and maybe one more if Depor keep it up.

Pablo Amo (87) --> 87 --> Not done much for Depor this season, thats why he has seen the bench.

Colloto Diego (88) --> 88/89 --> Another key player to Deportivo, although he has not been as brilliant as Lopo.

Ze Castro (87) --> 88 --> Ateltico will most likely want to recall him by the end of the season, he has been doing very well for Depor this season, playing a very versatile role.


Guardado (91) --> 91 --> Has adapted to a new position, but has yet to heavily impress to the degree that is neccesary for a rise. Considered among the best Depor has but is not as notable as non Depor viewers think.

Sergio (90) --> 90 --> Have not really seen him play many games, although stats say he has. Whenever I have seen him he looked sharp, but not really enough to jump ahead in ratings.

De Guzman (88) --> 88 --> Great player, but not enough playing time, if he was given more minutes, he would certainly see himself in an easy position to hit 89/90.

Lafita (87) --> 89 --> Really a star for Depor, heavily underrated, and is tearing it up for Lafita, check out his record for yourself. Really a great player and would easily hit 90 next time if Depor continue to do well.

Valeron = Legend

Juan Rodriguez (87) --> 88 --> Playing pretty well, and playing a lot should rise but not much as he is not exactly the best player in the world.

Verdu (86) --> 87 --> Have not seen much from him, but his stats should give him a rise.


To Sum up there forwards:

Mista 87, Bravo 90, Riki 87 , Bodipo 85. All have been underperforming and they have been the bane for Deportivo. They really need to acquire a good forward or else they have no real attacking ability.

Mista 87 --> 87

Bravo 90 --> 89/88

Riki 87 --> 87 --> (Dissapointing I had high hopes for a player that impressed last season)

Bodipo 85 --> 86/87 --> He is the best out of these poor forwards but still will not rise past the figures predicted. Poor forward but deserving of that rise but no more.

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Re: Realx7madrid's La Liga Prediction

Slots For Teams


Athletic Bilbao


Gorka Irazoiz (87) --> 87/88 --> Decent keeper, and has participated in most of the games, while the second keeper has only played a few minor cup games. Not really anything special though so only if they keep up the good form will he rise.


Koikili (87) --> 87/86 --> nothing special really has played a lot but I doubt he will see a rise. Not the most influential or classed player. Does his job well though.

Balenziaga (83) --> 85/86 --> Very important for Athletic and not only his numbers but his actions on the pitch speak for themselves. Class Left back, and certainly accerting himself ahead of Koikili.

Iraola (90) --> 90/91 --> Playing very well, and Del Bosque has recognized this putting him as a sure fire player for the National Team, only time will tell how much he progresses.

Amorebieta (89) --> 90 --> Top class defender, really should rise although i don't know if SM will give it to him. In my opinion he is very good, and very young.

Aitor Ocio (88) --> 89/88 --> Very big player, and has been very solid at back, always gets into difficult situations and solves them.

Ustaritz (87) --> 87 --> I was expecting more of a role from him this season, but he has not been given minutes. Should stay the same though because he has played a bit.


Gabilondo (87) --> 87 --> Not a very big player, and in my opinion quite poor, but has been playing so should remain the same.

Susaeta (87) --> 88/89 --> Very important player for Athletic and has been there when they need him. Will see a rise, although not sure exactly if it will be one or two.

Javi Martinez (89) --> 90 --> Very classy player and in my opinion the next player, followed by Granero to fill in the spot De La Red has left out in the national team.

Orbaiz (87) --> 87/88 --> Not that great of a player but has done his part and might see a small rise.

Gurpegi (85) --> 85/84 --> Not played enough to warrant a rise, might even drop if you ask me, not done much at all.

Garmendia (85) --> 85/84 --> In the same situation as Gurpegi.

Yeste (89) --> 88 --> Poor season and really should drop, one of their biggest players, but not having the season to back up this title.


Llorente (88) --> 90 --> Great player, and surely future spanish International. He is a slower version of torres, although he posses a much more physical presence.

Del Olmo (83) --> 83/82 --> Not much at all from this poor player.

Etxebarria (88) --> 87 --> Really has been a poor act this season. One of Athletic's most emblematic players, but is surely in for a drop, as he has not been there for his squad.

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Re: Realx7madrid's La Liga Prediction

Really great seeing these predictions..

I've read them before but not properly.. keep up the good work..

One question.. I know Milito will go down because of his injury but do you think he is good enough to get it back and how far do you think he'll drop...

Just purchased him in a GC along with Iniesta and Bojan :)

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Re: Realx7madrid's La Liga Prediction

really great post so far mate.

just 2 queries.... no marcelo in the madrid changes :confused: any idea what will happen to his rating?

and maxi (athletico) i herd he myt be due a drop to 92, has he done enough to warrant an increase


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Re: Realx7madrid's La Liga Prediction

Really great seeing these predictions..

I've read them before but not properly.. keep up the good work..

One question.. I know Milito will go down because of his injury but do you think he is good enough to get it back and how far do you think he'll drop...

Just purchased him in a GC along with Iniesta and Bojan :)

Millito is a great player mate, only thing that might hinder his progress when he is back from injury is the fine form of Gerard Pique, it seems to be him at the moment who is the man to fill any spaces left by Marquez or Puyol. Probably a great signing in a GC to be fair, and hopefully he will be able to regain his place or get a transfer to a club on par with Barca cause he is a quallity defender!:)

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Re: Realx7madrid's La Liga Prediction

I don't really know how Milito will find his place again. He is a great player as Torres said, but I think that With Marquez Playing Really well, Puyol being an obvious beast, and Pique holding down that spot for the subbed in CB it will be hard for Milito. Unless Guardiola has been waiting for him to come back so that he can start him. Don't know. But he might be transferred/loaned out, Caceres quite possibly go on loan.

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Re: Realx7madrid's La Liga Prediction

Marcelo Most Certainly will Drop.

Maxi Rodriguez for my money will rise, but ofcourse there are those that believe that SM should be more strict with there ratings. I think for them to be accurate changes should be made to directly reflect how they have been playing. And Maxi and Simao have been top class. My example would be Adidas Live Season for FIFA 09, that mixed with SM rating would be perfect. Because, but should be less radical, but that same concept. Because Drogba retaining a 6 point difference with a player Like Pato is simply not fair, and this should be reflected. So YANKER, that is why there are so many changes, because its what they deserve not what SM think they can get.

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Re: Realx7madrid's La Liga Prediction

Great thread and your predictions seem to be spot on, amazingly unbiased although i see you're a Real fan.

I would only disagree regarding on Yaya Toure, i think he'll rise to 93, the only midfielder with more game time and making better impression than him is Xavi, and his from another "class".

Rep for you mate.

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Re: Realx7madrid's La Liga Prediction

i dont think most of these will happen because lets face it the prem league is better then la liga and the go ratings nothing like this i dont SM will be generous enough to put all these players up and normaly if they would a lot more would come down

I would say it is a lot closer, especially as la liga hav a team in Barca who cud walk up and down any team in the world

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Re: Realx7madrid's La Liga Prediction

I would say it is a lot closer' date=' especially as la liga hav a team in Barca who cud walk up and down any team in the world[/quote']

yeh theyv got barca and also real madrid. but if you look at the midtable/relegation clubs the EPL batters La Liga.

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Re: Realx7madrid's La Liga Prediction

I would say it is a lot closer' date=' especially as la liga hav a team in Barca who cud walk up and down any team in the world[/quote']

have you seen barca recently - they've been bailed out by messi big time. they aren't as good as they were at the start of the season

yeh theyv got barca and also real madrid. but if you look at the midtable/relegation clubs the EPL batters La Liga.

IMO teams 1-7 la liga is stronger, and for the teams 8-20 its pretty much scratch

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Re: Realx7madrid's La Liga Prediction

You have way too many players changing at the top. The format is good' date=' if only I could say the same for the ratings.[/quote']

To be fair, there should be a lot of changes. The last spanish ratings were 5 months ago! That's a huge amount of time for players to change in.

I think it's good stuff so far Realx. :P

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Re: Realx7madrid's La Liga Prediction

have you seen barca recently - they've been bailed out by messi big time. they aren't as good as they were at the start of the season

Yes, i have seen Barca recently and yes Messi has helped, but how good are liverpool wivout Gerrard, and Chelsea wivout a fit Drogba, or even Arsenal wivout the Gasman.

Also u do realise barca didnt start wiv their first choice team wen Messi scored 2 goals from the bench so that don't count. And also let me repeat that point 2 goals from the bench it sounds nice but wen u see how he scored the goals words can't describe it (especially the 2nd, UNBELEIVABLE!!!)

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Re: Realx7madrid's La Liga Prediction

im not saying the spanish teams such as barca and madrid are over rated but just look whos been in the champions league finals the last couple of years and i think when barca beat arsenal they were very unlucky tbh i think mufc r the best in the world:cool: but i do say one thing the spanish r by far the best national team in the world

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Re: Realx7madrid's La Liga Prediction

im not saying the spanish teams such as barca and madrid are over rated but just look whos been in the champions league finals the last couple of years and i think when barca beat arsenal they were very unlucky tbh i think mufc r the best in the worldB) but i do say one thing the spanish r by far the best national team in the world

Nah man Barca are easily the better team, i won't go into reasons as that should be obvious. :rolleyes:B)

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