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My new setup.


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I am 95 % on My new setup. This is the divisions:

Division 1:

Newcastle United

FC Schalke 04 (Ben)

Hamburger SV (Oo SioS Oo)


Everton (Dan)

Boca Juniors


Aston Villa (i need players)


Lazio (lee)

Bayer Leverkusen (Rich)

Udinese (Jared18134) (Fernando Torres)



West Bromwich Albion (Alessio)

PSV (§aŁηam Aytain )

FC Porto (sonofpluto)


CFR 1907 Cluj

Feyenoord (Me)

Divison 2:

São Paulo


Real Betis

CSKA Moskva (Nathan Kirby)

Club América (Woodwardo)

Shakhtar Donetsk

Rangers (andrew ogden)

Dynamo Kyiv

Sporting (Jinky)

Napoli (UKfootballfan101) (Andrew Jones)



Blackburn Rovers




Rubin Kazan

San Lorenzo

VFL Wolfsburg


Then the rules are:

No buying from Unmanaged Clubs

No buying from External Clubs

Transfer windows between 1 and 8, and 20 and 28 (i think)

Then, in the second season buy from external team will be allowed.

I will me doing a match report thread to go with the setup, then you can also copy and paste those into the newspaper if you want, to make the setup more realistic.

It is friends picking teams first, (about 8 people) But if they don't pick your team, u will probably have it. I only want friends and forumers i know to start with, then i will be introducing others later, however, because i am doing a match report/ transfer news thread as well, if i don't know you but you want a team. If u can give me an example of a match report/ transfer news you have done, and if you will do them in my setup, i will also think about letting you have a team.

P.S. I have Feyenoord

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Re: My new setup.

OK, i am creating the setup this saturday, so it will probably be available Sunday morning. I will make it Private invertation to start with, then when everyone has got their teams, and settled in the setup, i will either make it Application or Open.

Can people please post their SM name and club i have givin them here, and could you also Make a friend request to me because i need to be your friend to invite you. My name is:

Matt snowy4liverpool Forum

and a link to my profile, although i may not work:



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