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Right now I'm listening to... (no explicit or football themed songs)

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Re: Right now i'm listening to... Frightening to think this was 25 years ago! God, i'm getting old. Still great even now though, over to you Mr Astbury. Ji8VHEjVyVo

Guys, this is a fun thread I've seem in other Forums (mostly brazilian ones). You post the name of the music you are listening to, place a link if possible (so we all could listen to it), and rate th

Re: Right now i'm listening to...

The Who - Behind Blue Eyes


If my fist clenches, clap it over

Before I use it and lose my cool

When I smile, tell me some bad news

Before I laugh and act like a fool

If I swallow anything evil

Put your finger down my throat

If I shiver, please give me a blanket

Keep me warm, let me wear your coat

Love that part.

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Re: Right now i'm listening to...

Nice Lee - Too often overshadowed by Baba O'riley and wont get fooled again IMO.


Pure and Easy the driving force behind the never to happen rock opera by Pete Townsend…Classic Moon and check out Pete at about 2 mins 50.:)

Aha' date=' you mean Lifehouse? Who knows what would've happened if it had gone ahead.


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Re: Right now i'm listening to...



hmmm....Keith or Ringo ??;)

You are a canny man. First you grab my attention with a Sky Blues anthem, then stick a humdinger of a question to go with it.

I'll be honest, Moony was my first idol. Granted, I've gained more over time, but still the sheer hint of a mention of him and I'm all ears. He made the drummer a focal point of the band; he was one of many rock drummers from the 60s to make drumming exciting (note I said 60s. Buddy Rich and Louie Bellson came before Moonie, and thank God. Buddy is another idol.), along with Ginger Baker, Mitch Mitchell and John Bonham. Moonie was always the most fun. While Bonham was powerful, Mitchell jazzy and Baker technical, stick Keith moon on stage with just a bass drum and he'd make another 'Live at Leeds' all by himself. Listen to his solo to end the synth breakdown in Won't Get Fooled Again. Gripping and exciting. It also took a great drummer to match John 'The Ox' Entwistle, and create a sublime rhythm section.

Which brings me on nicely. Ringo was always the backseat drummer. The foil for Paul on Bass (or George, if it was a McCartney songwriting ego-trip and Paul wanted the guitar). I'll admit, I've only been seriously listening to the Beatles for the last year, so I'm only just getting into Ringo's style. But man that guy has some 'pocket', which is a drumming term used to describe how well the drums blend into the song's rhythm, rather than just go beserk around the place. As later albums showed though, Ringo really could rock, and although his fills were simple, they were suitable.

Conclusion: Dead heat. Both are different drummers, but they always suited the music of the bands they played in. :)

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Re: Right now i'm listening to...

Thanks for that Lee, I must admit I’m no expert but I have long felt Ringo must have had something about him to stay in such illustrious company. Still to my untrained ear, Moon remains a phenomenon , I suppose the best way i could put it is, that when I listen to the Who at their best he is simply everywhere.:confused::)

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