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Right now I'm listening to... (no explicit or football themed songs)

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Re: Right now i'm listening to...

Haven't visited this thread in a long time :rolleyes:

Over the past months I have listened to these amazing tracks :)

Kanye West - Good Life

Kanye West feat. Chris Martin - Homecoming

Kanye West - The Glory

Kanye West feat. Nas - We Major

Kanye West feat. Ludacris - Breathe In Breathe Out

Kanye West feat. Talib and Common - Get 'em High

Kanye West - The New Workout Plan

Kanye West feat. Jay Z - Never Let Me Down

Kanye West - All Falls Down

* Mostly from College Dropout,probably the best hip hop/rnb album of all time..Get hold of it if you can!


Soulja Boy Tell 'em - Crank That

Timbaland - Oh Timbaland

Timbaland feat. Elton John - 2 Man Show

..Basically all of Shock Value - Timbaland

Dizzee Rascal - Flex

Nickleback - Rock Star

Timbaland feat. One Republic - Apologise

Quite a lot more,just can't really remember them ;)


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Re: Right now i'm listening to... Frightening to think this was 25 years ago! God, i'm getting old. Still great even now though, over to you Mr Astbury. Ji8VHEjVyVo

Guys, this is a fun thread I've seem in other Forums (mostly brazilian ones). You post the name of the music you are listening to, place a link if possible (so we all could listen to it), and rate th

Re: Right now i'm listening to...

This are my favorite tunes of the moment and the once i have been listening to the most -

50 cent - Ayo Technology

50 cent - P.I.M.P

Timberland - Apologize

Timberland - The Way I Are

Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love

Craig David - Hot Stuff

Plain White T's - Hey there Delilah

While the album i have been listening to recently has been Timberland : Shock Value. Album of the past 5 years. :D

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Re: Right now i'm listening to...

Thin Lizzy - Rosalie/Cowboy Song

Feeder - Tender

:DHa amazing!!!!!,just had a lizzy moment myself,Black rose classic!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

side note.......used to fancy this lass called Roseline at the time the song was out,never got away with her:(,but dated her sis for a while:):)

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