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Right now I'm listening to... (no explicit or football themed songs)


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Re: Right now i'm listening to... (no football themed songs)


1. Go to YOUTUBE and select a video.

2. copy and paste the URL code after the equals sign only.

example below


3. post a message in SM and click the YOUTUBE button

example below.


4. Paste the code between the Youtube boxes.

5. Click SUBMIT REPLY button to post your message.


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Re: Right now i'm listening to... (no football themed songs)

Couple albums I've been listening too, basically haven't listened to much else lately as they are that good:-

1. Royal Blood

They're self title album is outrageously good - a mix of Led Zep and the White Stripes to my ears and I love it. It "feels" like a genuine rock masterpiece, albeit on a small scale - it's as if it was recorded with you in the room. they make a glorious sound, loud and aggressive guitar over strong, classic rock drums yet lyrically there's no namby pampy kid play, this is strong and mature song writing. But make no bones about it, they are edging on an anthem driven sound and clearly, having already received industry recognition, this two piece are gonna be huge.

2. Foo Fighters - Sonic Highways

This just keeps growing on me, loved it from first play. It feels like the band have moved more toward a mature audience, there far less attack to their sound now but Grohl is as strong a figure head as ever. If anyone caught the partner documentary - itself directed by Grohl - then you will likely engage more with it but as a stand alone album its as strong as the last three releases.

I bought tickets to the tour a few weeks back, so was delighted to see that it's actually Royal Blood that will be supporting the Foo's on the UK leg of the tour - along with Iggy Pop - so well looking forward to it now - it'll be my oldest lads first gig (shame its in manc land but hey ho ;):D)

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