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Right now I'm listening to... (no explicit or football themed songs)

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Re: Right now i'm listening to... Frightening to think this was 25 years ago! God, i'm getting old. Still great even now though, over to you Mr Astbury. Ji8VHEjVyVo

Guys, this is a fun thread I've seem in other Forums (mostly brazilian ones). You post the name of the music you are listening to, place a link if possible (so we all could listen to it), and rate th

Re: Right now i'm listening to...

Rage Against The Machine - Bulls On Parade


They rally round tha family

With pockets full of shells


Notion + Use Somebody + Closer + Sex on Fire - Kings Of Leon

I'm addicted to KoL for some reason because of it i hate any other songs :( Even the songs i'm usually addicted to.

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Re: Right now i'm listening to...

Sorry for double post but it's a great tune and here is the video :0

If you don't like it get your pulse checked.


Just a heads up' date=' Vid isn't working for me. Quality song though, I highly recommend the album if you haven't listened to it already, much more impressive than I was expecting.

Oh and that New Order link has more or less made me dig out their best of and stick it back on my iTunes. :D

[b']Ladyhawke - My Delirium[/b]

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