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Up and Coming Stars


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In this thread we will talk about the up and coming under 21 talent, what we think they will rise to in the next rating changes.

This thread is preferably about the not so famous players like players rated between 70 and 80 that could possibly rise by +5 or that area.

So it will go name > age > club > current rating > predicted rating in the next changes.

So here goes:

Rafael da silva 18> Manchester United > 77 > 84/85

Nathan Delfouneso 18 > Aston Villa > 70 > 77/78

Jack Wilshere 17 > Arsenal > 74 > 79/80

Fabian Delph 19 > Leeds United > 75 > 79/80

Get adding more :)

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Re: Up and Coming Stars

What about ramsey?

i know he's not getting many chance to play but he is impressive whenever he plays:)

when he got is his chance in the FA cup i thought he was far from impressive. despite this a player's rating cannot be judged on just one game. he cannot though be compared to rafael, whose rating could hit 84, as rafael has featured in important games which ramsey has not. i think

insua could have a rise as i thought he was impressive in the several games he started for liverpool. Andy carrol - without the bias - has proved he can cope with premier league life scoring two goals and is a potential riser.

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Re: Up and Coming Stars

19 yr old Fwd WALTER is getting rave reviews at the South American U-20's....on the DB at 78 I think

EDIT: Just seen a thread below all about him :eek:

(good job i've already bought him for my 3 Teams :) )

OK then....Talles Cunha (74) and Maylson (74) also in the same Brazil U-20 team

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