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Re: ONYEWU, Oguchi

I would love Marcelo Bielsa here (ex-Chile).

Whoever it is' date=' I will tell you this, having someone from the British-mold isn't going to translate anymore.[/quote']

Okay, Bielsa.

Are the players athletic enough? Definetly yes

Do they have the quality attacking players needed for Bielsa's philosophy? I dont know, you tell me.

Very good choice you made there, majority of USA players dont play in major legues, even if they do, theyre not quaranteed starters, so they could really conserve their energy for the USA games and be physically prepared for fast paced attacking football.

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Re: ONYEWU, Oguchi Not sure if any of you had the opportunity to watch Honduras v USA on Saturday... For those of you that didn't, you missed one hell of a display by Onyewu. Not only did he had a

Re: ONYEWU, Oguchi Ouch, that looks like a nasty injury. It's a shame really, because I'm starting to look forward to reading an Onyewu rant when ever I see you on the forum now, JC!

Re: ONYEWU, Oguchi

Onyewu sent out on loan to FC Twente until the end of the season.

Today's Milan Press Release.... Short and Sweet

A.C. Milan announces sending OGUCHIALU CHIJOKE ONYEWU to F.C Twente on a loan deal, which includes the option of buying the player at the end of the season.


Introductory Video

Link to a video put together by Twente's marketing department. HERE. I actually like the champagne toast.


No details on how much of his salary Twente are picking up; however considering that he is paid €60K per week, I would gather to bet that they are picking up very little if any at all. Milan are likely paying them to take him... which makes sense.

Option to Buy

No details on what the option to buy is. But again, considering that Onyewu is still entitled to €9M in salary under his current contract (even counting the free year), Milan will be hard pressed to re-coup (in Transfer Fees) even a tiny fraction of that amount.

Reunites with Former Manager

The move to Twente reunites him with Michel Preud'homme, who coached Onyewu @ Standard Liège. So who knows... there may be hope for him yet.

Twente were short on First Team CBs. Before Onyewu joined, they had essentially 3. But IMO it's a big big stretch to think that Onyewu is going to see significant time with DOUGLAS, WISGERHOF, Sweden's own RASMUS BENGTSSON deservedly ahead of him.

Anyway... Here's his opportunity. Lets see what he does with it...


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