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Forum Infraction System (Violation Procedures )

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The Forum Infraction system sole purpose is to keep Law and Order with the agreed Forum Rules & Guidelines which you all accept when using Forum ,so helping to make and keep the Forum a happy place for its respected members which most will never fall foul of it .

Basically the way it works is if you are deemed by our Moderation team to have broken any of the rules guidlines with your thread /posts they will send you a polite warning with " NO LOSS OF POINTS " and which one they deem you have broken.

This warning lasts for a 14 day period .


What does this mean to me?


If you do not break anymore of the rules regulations in this period then you are back to square one ,and in future will just get a warning without loss of point again if you break another .

( Persistant rule breakers that play the time game will be fetched to Supervisors attention and dealt by us accordingly).

If any member that has recieved a warning and still under time restriction breaks the same rule or another they will then be hit with a (1 point infraction) not only this but your time will then be doubled to 28 days. While under time restriction if you reach 20 points then you will be banned from forum for 7 days.

Question :

Besides 1 point infraction is their a higher point loss i can be given?


Yes there is you can get,

(2pts) if you disregard a Mod request .

(5pts) if you Abuse a Moderator .

( 25pts) for repeated Abuse to moderator (one day ban)

( 25pts ) for considered racial, ethnic, religious, slurs ( 7day ban )

The latter two Supervisors will be notified and decide if it needs to be more or adequate as it is. Any member that consistently breaks these will be penalised with ban possibly being doubled or trebled every time .


Advertising/ Severe racism/homophobia/Sexist /Spam bot attack instant ( 30pts ) = 14day minimum ban and in most cases Possible perm ban.

Hacking someones account or creating another account while already running one ,also creating one to bypass a ban (30pts), multiple account will have pernament ban and your actual account may recieve a lengthier increase.

(if you are found using a hacked account your own will also be banned)

(Its strongly advised you sit out the ban and while doing so if think its unfair appeal through proper channels).


If your not happy with any infraction given for all reasons above or thread/post deleted and reason please do not argue/moan on the open Boards or through PM with Moderator because it wont help your case and as shown above may incur another infraction.

Always remember before getting mad and saying something you may regret that it can be appealed against.

yes a thread may not have needed to be closed etc ,but closed /deleted threads can always be re-opened ,infractions can always be overturned ,so if your not happy with any infraction of the above given by SM Moderator ,first i suggest you check all Forum rules /Guidelines and all rules for Rep system ,if you have not broken any of these then by all means send your complaint through PM System to a SM Supervisor because we are your next port of call .

Will say again ,Please do not take it to the boards for any discussions on the rights or wrongs.

We will decide if we need to overturn any decision a Mod makes and that is through private consultation with us .

Any member that is banned by Moderators will need to appeal to us Supervisors or if banned by Supervisor THEN through the appropriate Community support feature to Socce Manager and it will be looked into.


Aliases to get around bans will now result with penalties against you by SM .

This could be anything which SM deem appropriate .

Our priority is the Forum members happiness ,if you just use two basic human features when posting to any member (Respect and politness ) then no one should ever get banned or recieve infraction points .

Trouble is basic human features also tell us we will get (Insulting ,Swearing and disrespectfull ) so some will always get infractioned and banned.

Its your own choice which of the last two you want to follow .:D:)

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