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Should I accept ?!

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Some guy wanna buy Santa Cruz for 50M Plus Bruno MARIONI & Andrej RENDLA... I'm not sure... Should I accept the offer ? For me, it seems to be a very good offer but still worried because I don't have many good strikers.

MUTU, Adrian


IAQUINTA, Vincenzo


PAZZINI, Giampaolo

AKI, Amr

What do you think ?

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Re: Should I accept ?!

if you sell santa cruz' date=' lazovic and iaquinta.

strikers to buy with that money:

lavezzi go up to 90/91

higuain 92/91

pato 91

acquafresca 89

rossi 91/92

agbonlahor 90

suarez 90

zarate 90/89

bojan 89/88[/quote']

I'm playing in a setup that managers do not let any player leave. They either ignore or ask for crazy offers. Some guy had to pay 70M so he can buy Benzema. I think agbonlahor & bojan could be available. but what do you think of Ibrahimovic ?

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Re: Should I accept ?!

If you can get Ibra, do so. 97 sooner or later. Especially if you're getting him as a replacement for Santa (who'll do well not to drop on current form). If you can get Agbonlahor- do it also. He should rise to 90 definitely but I think he'll go to 91 with Young hitting 92. Bojan is expected to be huge in the future too so get him. In short get all 3 if possible :D

I'd prioritise them like this: Ibra, Agbonlahor, Bojan

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