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Advanced Tactics - How I make use of them.

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Hello All :)

Since the implementation of the advanced tactics, I have tried numerous different things to see what works best. Some of my teams have taken beatings, and others have done suprisingly well.

I would like to briefly summarise how I use the advanced tactics, and hope this may help you. Remember this is a subjective matter, so try to keep criticism constructive if you don't agree.

Ok. Firstly I set out for the game with a standard/safe formation. Something like 4-4-1-1, but what you use is up to you. You need to use what works for you best the majority of the time. So if you usually play 4-3-3, do that. I suggest you play "safe" tactics from the start of the game. I tend to use a normal attacking mentality, with short passing and slow tempo. Although I do vary this for some teams, depending on which tends to work best for that team. So as I say, your starting tactics should generally be what works for you best, but keep it modest for now... :)

I tend to have the full backs making runs, and the wide midfielders. But I don't over board with the runs as it seems that can have a negative impact..

I then set the following in game instructions:

On 60 Minutes (OR possibly 45 minutes, but I suggest 60 mins) - If losing or drawing

V.attacking/attacking - with more midfield runs forward. But leave your CBs without runs. Change passing to direct and tempo to fast, to get the ball forwards to nick a goal asap.

On 75 minutes - If winning (possibly if drawing) switch back to your original safe formation. OR you could go slightly more defensive.

The idea of this formation is that if you are losing or drawing on 60 minutes, your team will go for broke and try and dominate the game for the next 15 minutes. The idea is you nick a goal before going defensive. I dont like playing a whole game as V. Attacking, but with the new tactics, you can play just 15 minutes this way! (much safe at the back) I have had success with this and often nick a goal before my team revert back to my safe formation to "catenaccio style" a game out. (Think Chelsea under Mourinho).

The reason this came to mind, is that one of my teams was drawing far too many games, and whilst a draw is better than a loss, a win is better than a draw!

I will post more later with pics of how it works for me.


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Re: Advanced Tactics - How I make use of them.

Here is a pictorial Explanation of one of my games recently:

0 mins/Starting tactic: Safe'ish tactic.


45 mins. No switch - same as start.


60 mins (I am drawing 0-0) - if drawing or losing switch to 4-2-3-1, Very Attack, Direct passing, and fast tempo!

Notice How I get a goal shortly after switching to this tactic? Farfan on 63 mins..


75 Mins, (I am winning 1-0) - Tactic: If winning, switch back to my original formation, with defensive outlook, and short, slow passing to see the game out.


I also made the following subs: 2 like for like subs on 60 mins, 1 like for like on 75 mins.

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Re: Advanced Tactics - How I make use of them.

mate this is brilliant, im definitely trying it. Thing is though i usually start with attacking mentality as my 'safe' formation, but like your team i draw too often, do you reckon i should tone it down to normal, or just leave it and change it to v.attacking for 15 minutes.

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Re: Advanced Tactics - How I make use of them.

Hi AymanR.

If you usually play attacking, and don't get regularly beaten, then I would suggest playing attacking. I would then switch to V. Attacking, direct, and fast for a 15 minute all out burst of attack!!

I would also suggest a possible change of formation, and this could incorporate substitions too. Make sure to use attacking runs sensibly.

If it doesn't work immediately, keep working at it until you find the right balance! :)


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