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Shelbourne FC

No Swearing, Rick Rolls Or Advertising Personal Forums

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Mod Notice

From Tonight I Wont Be Editing or Deleting Posts Anymore, I'll Just Be Handing Out Harsh Infractions,

Didn't Mind Reasonable Comments & Quotes From Real Life Etc, But My Soft Aproach Has Resulted In People Taking Advantage of This.

Over The Last Couple Nights I've Had To Delete/Edit Far Too Many Posts, So From Now On Anyone Swearing or Using Any Other Way Around Actually Swearing Will be Punsihed With An Infraction.

Also I've Decided To Stop The Use of Rick Roll'd Links, It's Out-Dated Annoying & Causing Some People To Have To Re-Start Their Computers.

I've Decided To Stop People From Advertising There Personal Forums In this Section,

Reasons Been, For The Most Part There Coming A Regular Occurence, If You Want Friends On SM Or Otherwise To Know You've Created A Forum By ALL Means Contact Them In Private.

By All Means If Your A Regular Forumer & Have Created a Website Like Neller That Has Some Purpose By All Means Feel Free To Create A Thread Once This Website Is Suitable For People of All Ages.

{This Means Proper Websites, Not Personal Ones}

No Other Choice.

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