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Wilson Eduardo - Sporting´s finest

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After some inactivity in scouting, I return today with a well known player for those who watch Portuguese under-19 games: Wilson Eduardo. I´m actually astonished he has never been mentioned, not even by gizb in his thread. Here we go:


Name: Wilson Bruno Naval da Costa Eduardo

Nationality: Portuguese

Date of Birth: 1990-07-08 (18 years)

Position: Striker

Database status: Not on DB

Wilson Eduardo is a product of Sporting´s youth academy. I don´t know much about his history, so I´ll talk straight about his abilities. OK, first of all, this kid is immense. I´ve never seen an under-19 goalscorer machine like this, not even Porto´s Jakubov. He is like a younger version of Sporting´s own Liedson, but faster and better. He practically scores goals for fun, both in Sporting youth ranks and in the under-19 NT.

He is really fast and has a very intelligent play, his movements in the area are amazing and it is like someone always forgets to mark him. He is also gifted with an incredible technique and he can place shots anywhere in the net. I´ve seen a goal he has scored with Sporting in an international tournament where he made a chip shot over the keeper, almost 30 meters away, exactly in the only place where it could have entered. Of course, this wasn´t the only fantastic goal he has scored, he has tons of them. He reminds me a bit of Gerd Muller: he is not tall nor physically strong (172 cm and 72 Kg), but when he receives the ball, he makes that quick acceleration through the defenders, arms the shot and scores.

As for his database status, he hasn´t played an official match for Sporting yet, although he has been called for several matches, but I´m sure it won´t take long. He will have his opportunity, just like Moutinho, Veloso or Adrien had. And when he does, I´ll be here :)

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Re: Wilson Eduardo - Sporting´s finest

Hopefully they will get their chance if Sporting have a healthy lead during that game. Been waiting for ages for Diogo Rosado to make his debut hes always been really highly rated.

Yes, they say Diogo Rosado is one of the most talented youngsters that have passed through the formation in the last years. I´m interested in both of them, but more on Wilson Eduardo. He is a goalscoring machine. :)

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Re: Wilson Eduardo - Sporting´s finest

Wilson Eduardo goes to Sporting senior team...

I see him play Agains Vitoria Guimaraes "kids" ands score two goals...

He Smeel goals....

When Sporting or the U-19 NT plays and Wilson Eduardo is in the starting XI, it is rare to see his name not marking presence in the scoreline. He is simply phenomenal, BUT I think he still needs to go out on loan before he integrates himself completely in the senior squad. Djalo, Veloso and Moutinho did so before him, and I believe he will follow the same path.

Also, I will take advantage on the fact that this thread has been reopened to give some important information about Sporting prospects.

Sporting has currently 12 players (first-teamers and bench option player) either injured or banned, and as such, Paulo Bento has called the following youth players:

- Cédric Soares

- Renato Neto

- Rabiu Ibrahim

- Diogo Amado

As usuall, I will keep an eye on them, and add them to the database in case any of them plays. And it seems very likely for that to happen, as Sporting has no right-backs available and Cedric Soares (great prospect) should make his debut. The rest of them will probably be used as subs and I will be closely monitoring the Nigerian Rabiu Ibrahim status, as he is one of the most promising youth players in the world ever since he did an amazing tournament with the Nigeria U-19 NT.

Also, bear in mind that Diogo Rosado and Wilson Eduardo have not been called because they are participating in the a very important tournament that could grant the Portuguese U-19 NT a presence in the U-19 European Championship.

Stay tuned. B)

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