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Lars Stindl


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This player has been mentioned twice across the forum, but i think he deserves his own thread now that he's a regular for his club.


Lars Stindl is a German football player born in 26 August 1988 in Waghäusel (South-West Germany). He currently plays as an attacking midfielder for Karlsruher SC in Bundesliga with he number 28 shirt.

Lars Stindl started his career as a kid with TSV Wiesental and in 2000 when he was 12 years old he switched clubs and moved to Karlsruher SC. In the 2006/2007 season he was promoted to the second team of the club, Krlsruher II, a team who plays in Regionalliga Süd. He got a total of 12 games that season and he also scored 2 times. Next season, he established himself as one of the top players of the team. He played a total of 26 games and he scored 4 times. He was known as a talented and temperamental player - he collected a total of 10 yellow cards. The most important thing in that season was that the board noticed his talent and they promoted him to the first team.

He made is Bundesliga debut in the 24th match of the season against Eintracht Frankfurt. Unfortunatly he ended the season with 2 sub appearances totaling a huge amount of 23 minutes played for the first team.

This season however, it's a total different story. Lars didn't play at the beginning of the season, but since the 14 game of the season, he is a regular in the first team. Until now, he has 6 (consecutive!) starts and 2 sub appearances totaling 600 minutes of playing time. He also managed to score once and to give an assist. And he's not just playing, he's playing great, just look at the marks he's got and compare them with his teammates marks - Lars Stindl marks and stats - Kicker. Unfortunatly Karlsruher are third from the bottom, but there's not a big difference between them and the safe zone and anything could happen with 14 games left to be played.

On the DB, Lars Stindl is rated 77 and i think he will rise to 80/81 next week when Germany is reviewed, but assumin he keeps playing until the end of the season and Karlsruher manage to stay in Bundesliga, next time when Germany will be reviewed we can look to another nice increase to something like 83-85 and that's not bad at all for a 20 years old player.

Go buy him :P

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