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Need Help: Which players shoudl i sell/keep and buy


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I have just joined Standard Liege in a setup where you can't buy from unmanaged teams however big teams like Valencia and Inter Milan are unavalible so players like Cambiasso and Frey i can pick up. However they'res not alot of money in the setup so i was wondering out of my players which i should sell/keep with in mind what i can get. (Messi is in an unavalible team!!!)

I have 11 million

This is my current team:

ESPINOZA, Rorys Gk 26 87 £5.1M

ITANDJE, Charles Gk 26 86 £4.5M

MAKARIDZE, George Gk 18 78 £1.4M

DE VRIENDT, Jérémy Gk 22 76 £743k

DANTE, Santos LB/CB 25 87 £5.3M

BOENISCH, Sebastian LB/LM 22 85 £4.5M

CAMOZZATO, Marcos RB 25 87 £5.3M

SANTACROCE, Fabiano CB 22 89 £7.2M

ONYEWU, Oguchi CB 26 88 £5.7M

SARR, Mohamed CB 25 88 £5.9M

FAZIO, Federico CB/DM 21 87 £5.9M

SUBOTIC, Neven CB 20 85 £4.8M

SIGALI, Leonardo CB/RB 21 85 £4.6M

N'KOULOU, Nicolas CB/RB 18 77 £1.1M

SARE, Bakary CB/DM 18 72 £93k

ROTHEN, Jérôme LM/AM 30 90 £5.1M

KOMBAROV, Dmitri LM/LB 22 87 £5.8M

SERDAR, Ozkan RM/AM 22 87 £5.8M

FELLAINI, Marouane CM 21 89 £7.4M

COUTADEUR, Mathieu CM/DM 22 89 £7.2M

GONZÁLEZ, Diego Hernán CM 21 86 £5.3M

N'DIAYE, Alfred CM/DM 18 74 £370k

WOLZE, Kevin CM 18 70 £10k

DEFOUR, Steven AM 20 89 £7.6M

HARMASH, Denys AM/CM 18 73 £209k

WITSEL, Axel Wing/AM 20 88 £6.8M

RISSE, Marcel Wing/Fwd 19 75 £563k

JOVANOVIC, Milan Fwd/AM 27 89 £5.9M

LOVENKRANDS, Peter Fwd/Wing 29 87 £4.1M

BERGET, Jo Inge Fwd 18 70 £10k

MBOKANI , Dieumerci CF 23 88 £6.3M

ERDING, Mevlut CF 21 88 £6.6M

SUKUTA-PASU, Richard CF 18 75 £578k

ESSWEIN, Alexander CF 18 72 £93k

I plan on selling 2 GK's and signing Frey as he is at Inter which is unavalible and could be picked up for around 11.5 mil

I'm also keen on Cambiasso who i could sign for around 28 mil and Hamsik who is at managed club but i think i could prize him away for around 15 mil.

All the value above are SM values and are not my chairman's.

So who should i buy/sell and keep.

Any good risers i should sign to make some profit.

Any help would be appreciated.

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